Catastrophic Injuries

There are different types of catastrophic injuries. They include things such as severe burns, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputations, blindness, multiple fractures, and injuries to the nerves in the torso, arms, and shoulders. Regardless of whether these injuries are the result of a vehicular accident, a defective product, a work-related incident or any other intentional or negligent cause, the emotional and monetary effects on the victim can be huge.

Quite often, such injuries result in having to undergo a lifetime of medical treatment and nonstop life-care support. Additionally, victims may also be subjected to years of lost income due to the disability. In short, such injuries can lead to dramatic changes in one’s life.

Given the extent of damages that are involved in catastrophic injuries, it is especially important that injured claimants retain the services of a highly skilled Beverly Hills personal injury attorney who has extraordinary expertise in this area, as well as an established history of proven successes, not to mention significant financial resources. These cases are normally very complex and quite costly to prosecute. In the hands of someone less experienced, the recoveries in these cases can be drastically reduced or, worse still, the cases can be lost outright.

You must ensure that you have an attorney who will examine all sources of recovery in these types of cases, because injury victims face astounding health and life-care costs, along with lost income. Additionally, there may be numerous parties who should be held liable for your injuries; merely pursuing one avenue of recovery can be a costly error.

In catastrophic injury cases, the amount of liability insurance available to victims from the primary defendant is typically inadequate to cover all of a victim’s medical treatments, lost income capacity and pain and suffering.
Having a Beverly Hills personal injury attorney with a proven track record is beneficial because he or she will be more likely to fully investigate all possible defendants and every possible source of recovery. If you need the services of a Beverly Hills personal injury attorney, call Ryan Banafshe at (888) LAW-9991 for a free consultation.

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