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Auto Accidents 101

May 23, 2018

One moment you’re driving home from work; the next, you hear the crunch before you even feel it, the smell of smoke assaults your nostrils, and your airbag is in your face, which is tingling from the impact. Yes, you’ve just gotten into an accident. If you’ve never experienced one before, your heart’s probably pounding in your chest. But if you already know the procedure of handling an accident, the panic will quickly subside as you take quick steps to take care of the aftermath.

Unfortunately, many people aren’t prepared and make mistakes that cost them up to thousands of dollars. Even if you feel that you’re a safe driver and aren’t at risk of being involved in an auto accident, there’s just no way to ensure that it won’t happen. With nearly 2.5 million people suffering injuries from car accidents each year alone, the stats just aren’t in your favor. With this infographic, Banafshe Law Firm, PLC wants to inform you of the true magnitude of car accidents, as well as some tips for handling an accident and common myths surrounding the process.

car accident infographic

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