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How to Document a Burn Injury in California

July 10, 2018

The Importance Of Burn Injury Documentation To Win Your Case

Burns can cause serious and life-changing injuries and can require extensive medical treatment. Depending on the severity of the burn you may suffer from intense pain, time lost at work, or even be permanently disabled. Knowing what to do if you are burned due to the negligence of another party is important. The law is on your side if you are the victim of burn injuries due to another person’s carelessness.

Burn accidents can happen in any number of scenarios. They can happen when you are the victim of a car accident, property fire, or explosion. You can be burned at a restaurant with excessively hot coffee or by a malfunction of their equipment. Bad burns can occur from steam, chemical, and electrical problems. Whether you are burned in your home or due to the inattention of another party, it’s important to document the events surrounding the injury, your pain and suffering, and how the injuries have affected your life.

If you or someone you know is burned due to an accident, follow these steps:

  1. Call 911 for emergency medical attention.
  1. If the scene of the accident is unsafe to stay in, get help to get out if you can. Others should be kept out of the area. For instance, if you have received an electrical burn from a live wire try to warn others if you are able.
  1. Get medical attention even if you aren’t sure how bad your injury is. It’s important to establish that medical care was received immediately.
  1. Contact a lawyer who specializes in burn injuries.
  1. Request medical records for any care received including prescriptions, follow up visits, and mental health visits. Keep everything well documented in a medical file of your own. Save all your receipts and document phone calls with your doctor’s office.
  1. Take photographs of your burns and make sure that there are time and date stamps on them. Make hard copies and keep them with your medical records. Continue to keep a visual record as your burns heal, especially if there is scar tissue.
  1. Keep a journal and record your pain levels, your mental state, and how the injuries have affected your life.

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