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I Was Injured on City Property. Am I Entitled to Compensation?

27 In most cases, city officials and administrators are conscientious in their duty to make public spaces safe. But there are always exceptions. And if you have been injured on city property because of negligence and carelessness, then you should build up a case and sue.

You must first consult with a lawyer. Before you make any official moves against the city, you need to have a legal strategy, or at least the beginnings of one, in place. Once you file suit, city lawyers will immediately begin the process of picking your claims apart with the intent of discrediting them.

Working with a personal injury lawyer is the only way to prepare yourself for the legal battle ahead. A personal injury lawyer will help you determine whether you have a case against the city. It is important to understand the grounds on which you can file a lawsuit and win.

Here are a couple of things your lawyer will go over with you to establish the liability of the city:

Their Negligence

Any owner or manager of a facility has a responsibility to repair fixtures that may present a hazard to the public or seal off any areas that may be unsafe. People in charge of the facility must be constantly on the lookout for such dangers. If you can prove that you endured a slip and fall, an injury due to a falling object, or any other type of harm and it owed to the negligence of the authorities, then you have a case.

Your Actions

You must also show that you took reasonable measures to keep yourself safe. This is an important point. You must be absolutely certain that you were in a situation in which you could not have possibly known about the hazard. Or, that you did everything you could to avoid it. If you can demonstrate this, then the blame lays squarely on the city.

You may hesitate to approach a lawyer because of the cost. This is a legitimate concern. Personal injury cases can run up to $30,000. However, your personal injury lawyer will most likely arrange it so that they can get a percentage of what you are awarded. Indeed, most such lawyers will not even take the case unless they are convinced they can win it.

Personal injury lawyers possess the training and experience to gather the right evidence, introduce the relevant testimony, and employ the applicable parts of law to your case. In many instances, the city will prefer to settle out of court rather than face a long and embarrassing court trial. If that happens, then you want a lawyer who can negotiate on your behalf and get you compensation that is fair and just.