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My Family Has Become Ill and We Suspect Our Utility Provider Might Be Responsible. How Do We Proceed?

Everyone deserves to live and raise their family in a hazard-free environment. A raft of legislation has been passed over the last century at both the federal and state levels to ensure the air that people breathe, the water they drink, and the materials used to build their homes and structures near it are clean and safe. Utility providers know this. They have deep knowledge and insight into these laws because they were written to regulate their behavior. Most such providers follow the rules. But some do not. They think they can break the law, put people’s lives in danger, and make more money for themselves.

If you and your family have become ill and you believe it is the fault of your utility provider, then you should build up a case and sue. Your family should not have to suffer and risk premature death because of the unmitigated greed of a few rich people. You can fight back. You can get justice for you and your family.

But to be successful you must do the right things in the right order. Your first call should be to an attorney who specializes in environmental toxicity claims. You do not want to confront the utility company without a legal strategy in place, or at least the beginnings of one. The company you are going up against has an army of lawyers. They will do everything in their power to delegitimize your claim and have it dismissed. An environmental toxicity lawyer will know how to prevent this from happening. They have the competence and expertise to ensure that the matter is pursued to the end.

Your lawyer will first need to clarify the grounds for the suit. Here are a few of the categories under which you can file a law suit:

Groundwater Contamination

This is one of the more common violations of utility companies. Most such corporations know the ease with which pollutants can be detected in rivers, lakes, and other fresh water bodies, so they tend not to dump hazardous waste in them. However, it is harder to trace the origins of groundwater contamination. That makes it more tempting for them to dump at locations that risk contaminating the groundwater that goes into residential homes. Most lawyers who specialize in this area of tort law can tell when a company has done this, and they can help you pursue litigation to prove it.

Hazardous Gases

There are laws that regulate and control how certain types of gases are to be handled. Some companies try to skirt around these regulations. If your family has become ill, then you may be a victim of such recklessness.

Exposure to Toxic Materials

Certain materials can no longer be used to build houses or make power lines or construct other types of objects and structures that people will have to live near. Providers know what these are, and if they have decided to put profits over people, then they must be made to pay.

Working with an environmental toxicity lawyer can help you explore your options so that you can get justice for you and your family.