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Tips on Rejecting a Personal Medical Injury Settlement Offer

May 4, 2018

When you have suffered an injury at the hands of another, regardless the extent of the injuries, eventually the adjuster for the insurance company will be in touch with you. Once the insurance adjuster has carefully analyzed all the evidence in the case, they are going to present you with a settlement offer. There are ways to reject the offer so you can fight for the amount you feel your deserve, so never accept that first offer.

Understanding the Settlement Process

The goal of the insurance company is to make you settle for the smallest possible amount while hanging on to that cash as long as they can. Every day the money is in the bank of the insurance company, it is collecting interest. Regardless the evidence, the extent of your injuries, or what the police report reveals, the adjuster for the insurance company will try to get a feel for your desperation making the lowest possible initial offer.

Most naive claimants will accept the first offer because it is more money than they have seen at one time. The claimant should immediately file a rejection letter with the adjuster and insurance company.

Determining the Value of Your Injuries

Determining what the value of your claim is can be difficult for the average person. Perhaps you are suffering in pain, your medical bills are piling up, and you haven’t been working. The adjuster for the insurance company knows that time is on their side, so they will drag their heels in an effort to get you to break and accept any offer. Without the help of a personal injury lawyer, the claimant may underestimate exactly how much they are entitled to the claim.

There are too many variables in a personal injury case to just assume a value. Your attorney would consider your pain, your suffering, the cost of treatment years in the future, the value of your inability to work, and how this injury will negatively impact you in your later years, then put one value on everything.

Working with a Personal Injury Lawyer

The insurance company is able to afford the highest-priced lawyers because they use pressure and scare tactics to get claimants to settle for far less than they deserve in personal injury cases. After rejecting the first officer, consult with a lawyer from the Banafshe Law Firm, they will carefully analyze all the evidence in the case, have you meet and get treated by the best doctors, and be in a better position to fight for the maximum cash settlement amount.

Once you are being represented by a professional personal injury lawyer, they will handle all the details and the insurance company adjuster will quickly realize they cannot afford to try and trick you to accepting a low offer.

Rather than risk your financial future on accepting a low ball offer and legally eliminating any chance to sue in the future, the best thing you can do is call the personal injury law experts at the Banafshe Law Firm today for your free consultation!

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