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What Insurance Companies Don’t Want To Tell You About Car Accidents

May 12, 2018

Many people think that their insurance company has their best interest in mind. However, many insurance companies will deliberately withhold information from people. There are many things that your insurance companies will not tell you.

Having Your Car Declared As A Total Loss is Not Always a Good Thing

If your car has suffered serious damage, then you may think that declaring it as a total loss is the best thing to do. However, this actually benefits the insurance company more than it benefits you. If your vehicle is totaled, then you may end up getting less than what you need to buy a new car. Insurance companies actually make more money when you declare your vehicle a total loss.

It is Important to Take Your Own Photos

You will need to have documentation to support your claim. That is why you will need to take your own photos. Not only will you need to take photos of the damage, but you will also need to take photos of the area.

Your Car may be Worth Less After You Repair It

Even if you are able to get your car repaired, it may still be worth a lot less. If your insurance company pays for the damage, then you may still be getting less than what they need. You may be able to get a diminished value claim.

There are Time Limits

Most people are aware of the fact that there is a time limit that applies when you file a claim. However, you may have less time than you realize. The sooner you file a claim, the sooner you will be able to get your compensation. You should file a claim immediately. However, if you have to get medical attention, then you should do it within 14 days.

Letting Your Friend Drive Your Car is Risky

Many people think that they will not be on the hook if their friend drives the car and gets into an accident. However, you are responsible for anyone who drives your car. Your rates will still likely go up after an accident. You may also be sued. If you choose to let someone borrow your car, then they should have their own personal auto insurance.

Your Coverage may be Dropped

There are many things that you can do that can cause your coverage to get dropped. For example, if you are caught driving under the influence, then you can lose your coverage. You may also have your coverage dropped if you do not tell your insurance company that there is someone else who drives your car regularly.

Getting into a car accident and having to deal with insurance companies can be difficult. You can contact Banafsche Law Firm if you need an attorney.

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