Bird Scooter Accidents

Bird electric scooters are promoted by their manufacturer as a form of transportation that is innovative as well as environmentally friendly. Part of their appeal is that using a Bird scooter gives city dwellers a quick, efficient way to get to and from mass transit stations or to and from work.

However, these handy electric scooters aren’t without their drawbacks: People often drive them carelessly as well as abandon them on sidewalks, or are negligent in other ways. This creates the potential for some serious accidents to occur — and when accidents do happen, it is a challenge to determine who is responsible for the damage suffered by the accident victim.

Our team of Beverly Hills area personal injury attorneys include Bird scooter accident lawyers who have made a careful study of this new form of transportation and its risks.

Bird Electric Scooters: The Risks

Used incorrectly, electric scooters put not only the scooter rider at risk but also motorists and pedestrians. The potential for accidents increase significantly when so many of them are used is an unsafe way. This includes children who are too young to be riding them as well as individuals riding tandem on the scooters. Also, people tend to ride them without helmets, substantially increasing their risk of injury.

There have been scooters left at the entrances and exits of buildings, or placed in a way that blocks handicap access ramps. From using the scooters in a careless way to not putting them back properly, there are plenty of opportunities for accidents involving Bird electric scooters.

Risks To Scooter Riders

When someone operates an electric scooter, they subject themselves to potential risk for many things.

  • No Barrier Between Rider and Road: An electric scooter rider does not have any protection like metal around a vehicle. There are no airbags or seat belts to help them during an accident. Too many electric scooter riders do not wear helmets even though the laws in many states require them.
  • Vandalized Scooters: Many people do like electric scooters and vandalize them. One of the most common things is to cut the brake cable. This kind of damage, of course, could end in disaster if it is not detected.
  • High-Risk Behavior: Electric scooters often appeal to young people and those who like to challenge boundaries. They may engage in risky behavior that endangers themselves and others — from not wearing a helmet to weaving in and out of crowds of people on sidewalks. Some have ridden the scooter in the road against traffic, when they were impaired or intoxicated and more.
  • Panic Stops: A person riding an electric scooter could be involved in a situation where they will have to brake hard. This could cause the electric scooter’s front wheel to lock. When this happens, the electric scooter will stop, but the forward momentum will throw a rider off.
  • Insufficient Stability: Electric scooters only have two wheels. This makes them vulnerable to locking up, becoming wobbly and not properly controllable when quickly braking or swerving.
  • Inexperienced Riders: A significant number of those who ride an electric scooter have never previously ridden them. Individuals can ride them without having any training or meeting any licensing requirements. People can ride them without any knowledge of what is required to do it safely.

Types Of Accidents Involving Electric Scooters

Although electric scooters have a lot of potential for convenient, eco-friendly transportation, they cause a wide variety of accidents on a regular basis — just to name a few examples:

  • Vehicle gets into an accident when swerving to avoid hitting an electric scooter.
  • Malfunctioning electric scooters have been the source of many accident and injury claims. There have been problems with the scooter’s tires, brakes, handlebars, throttle as well as the stem. These are rental items and nobody checks them between uses to make certain they are working properly.
  • Vehicles have hit scooters when they are backing up, opening a car door, turning and more.
  • Scooters are susceptible to crashing into road hazards. This included fallen branches, potholes, debris in the road and more.
  • Pedestrians have tripped on electric scooters lying outside the entrance to a building, laying on a sidewalk and more.
  • Electric scooters often crash when the rider is trying to avoid hitting pedestrians, bicyclists, another electric scooter, dogs and other obstacles on crowded sidewalks.


Getting adequate compensation after an electric scooter accident can be very complicated, and that’s why the services of a Bird scooter accident attorney are so important.

The first obstacle is determining who is at fault for the accident. The scooter’s rider could be at fault if they hit someone or something  or caused an accident. The driver of a car could be at fault if the driver’s negligence caused an accident with an electric scooter. It’s possible for pedestrians to be at fault if they negligently went into the path of an electric scooter. A city could be at fault for unsafe road conditions, and a business could be at fault if debris, gravel or other materials in a roadway created an unsafe condition and more.

An electric scooter accident can result in serious injuries. If a car is involved, the driver’s insurance company may be responsible for paying, or a municipality’s insurance company may be responsible. To untangle this complicated web of liability requires the legal skills of an experienced accident attorney such as our legal team at Banafshe Law Firm.

Our accident attorneys know how to determine fault, how to determine who is responsible for paying any damages or medical bills, and how to get a Bird electric scooter accident victim fair compensation. Contact us today to schedule a FREE consultation so we can assess your case.

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