Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death lawsuits are a response to a needless death that came about through the negligence, carelessness, or misconduct by another person or group of people. As tragic and sorrowful as any death is, feelings of frustration and helplessness may add to the grief if a loved one was lost because of any of these factors.

Individuals such as drunk drivers can be responsible for a wrongful death if they can be shown to be careless or negligent, or if the death was a result of misconduct, like when someone is committing a crime. More frequently, though, companies and manufacturers are found guilty of a wrongful death lawsuit when their conduct or practices fails to take all reasonable precautions.

Drug companies that produce medications like Vioxx® that have been shown to cause fatalities when used as prescribed may be liable for those deaths. If you are the survivor of such a tragedy, a personal injury lawyer with Banafshe Law Firm, PC, has the experience and discipline to present a solid case with your interests in mind.

Those whose jobs required prolonged exposure to asbestos and who died from mesothelioma or from other chemicals like Benzene may also be able to claim a wrongful death if the employer failed to take all the necessary steps to protect its workers. Gases emitted by welding rods and insecure scaffolding have caused countless, needless deaths, and the manufacturers can be at blame for them.

The financial costs for any wrongful death can be enormous, and a successful lawsuit will take into account all future earnings that were lost. Insurance companies typically offer a lump sum that is only in their interest and is designed to settle your case as quickly as possible, but you need to consult with a personal injury attorney with Banafshe Law Firm, PC, before you sign or agree to any of their proposals. We can pursue your claim with determination and knowledge and will professionally respond to the insurance company, whose tactics we’re familiar with. We will be on your side throughout the process and will make sure you receive the best possible settlement. A determined attorney with the Banafshe Law Firm, PC, will press to make sure those responsible are punished for their negligence, carelessness, or misconduct.

Careless accidents that lead to needless death and destruction are some of the most tragic, and the most difficult to accept and understand. But there’s solace in knowing that you can receive compensation for your loved one’s pain and suffering when you turn to an experienced group of wrongful death attorneys such as our team at Banafshe Law Firm.

Getting the compensation you’re entitled to demands a firm understanding of the law, a skill set that the professionals at Banafshe Law Firm undoubtedly possess. While insurance companies are keen to promptly settle wrongful death lawsuits so they can pay out as little as possible, Banafshe Law Firm conducts a thorough analysis to ensure their clients maximize their compensation. Our personal injury and wrongful death lawyers work hard to provide our clients with the settlement they deserve.

If someone close to you has been lost because of another’s actions or inactions, please contact us at (888) LAW-9991 for an initial free consultation. We’ll review your case in a calm and reflective manner, and our experience with similar cases and concern for your best interests will be welcome and reassuring. Nothing we can do can return your loved one, but we can stand by your side and make sure you don’t suffer additional losses.

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