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Multi-Vehicle Accident Lawyer

Multi-vehicle traffic accidents, which are sometimes referred to as chain reaction accidents or pile-ups, are collisions that involve more than two motor vehicles. A common example of such accidents is when a vehicle rear-ends another vehicle, which causes that vehicle to rear-end the vehicle in front of them, and so on. If you have been involved in a multi-vehicle collision, contact a multi-vehicle accident lawyer today for assistance.

Multi vehicle collision car accident

Why Are Multi-Vehicle Accidents or Chain Reaction Accidents So Dangerous?

Most multi-vehicle accidents occur on major highways where the vehicles involved are going at high rates of speed. The higher the speed of the vehicles involved in the accident, the more likely injuries will be sustained and that they will be severe in nature. Also, multiple vehicles means multiple drivers and passengers and therefore multiple injuries. As these injuries are likely severe, it is imperative that the injured persons receive immediate medical care, yet with so many persons injured at once, receiving medical attention can be delayed. 

What Causes Multi-Vehicle Accidents in California?

While multi-vehicle accidents can have many causes, some of the more common are as follows:

Inclement weather: Rain, sleet, and snow can make the roads slick which leads to loss of vehicle control.

Following too closely: The closer a driver follows the vehicle in front of them, the less time they have to react should the vehicle in front of them suddenly stop. 

Distracted driving: Distracted driving is when a driver shifts their focus to anything other than the act of driving. Distracted driving leads to increased error in driving.

Speeding: Speeding reduces driver reaction time. Also, in cases of inclement weather, speeding is a contributing factor in causing accidents.

How Is Fault Determined in Multi-Vehicle Accidents?

Due to the number of vehicles involved in a multi-vehicle accident, our multi-vehicle accident lawyer knows that unless a party involved in the accident admits fault, determining responsibility can be difficult. Responding law enforcement officers will obtain statements from the parties involved as well as any witnesses. Other methods used to determine fault are:

  • Types of damages the vehicles sustained
  • The location where the damages are sustained on the vehicles
  • Footage from traffic cameras
  • If a driver involved was driving under the influence when the accident occurred

In some cases, it may be necessary to conduct an accident reconstruction to help determine the party or parties at fault. Whether or not accident reconstruction is needed in your particular case is something you can address with your multi-vehicle accident attorney.

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