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In a Rideshare Accident? You Need a Los Angeles Uber Accident Lawyer

Uber drivers are independent contractors working on behalf of a publicly-traded corporation, and when an accident occurs, difficult legal issues can arise. In the event of an car accident, It’s crucial that Uber drivers and passengers alike understand their rights and take the appropriate steps to be compensated for their injuries and expenses. Whether you’re an Uber driver, passenger or pedestrian involved in an accident, make sure you understand how to move forward. Working with a Los Angeles Uber accident lawyer can ensure your claims are handled efficiently and effectively. 

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Your Rights as an Uber Driver

While most Uber and Lyft drivers report positive experiences, many complex legal issues can arise when an accident occurs. While Uber offers a flexible stream of income, expenses can mount quickly if you’re involved in an accident. Understanding your role, your rights, and your responsibilities after the accident is crucial to minimize your risk of liability.

In California, Uber Passengers Also Have Rights 

Passengers are also protected and can make a claim against the responsible party. The responsible party can either be Uber or anyone responsible for causing the accident. Uber passengers involved in an accident may experience substantial physical and emotional damage after the incident. Accidents are stressful, traumatizing events, and it’s imperative to seek medical help immediately after an accident occurs. Understanding who is responsible for the accident will help you better determine your path to financial recovery. If an accident occurs while you’re using Uber’s services, be sure to reach out to an attorney that can assist you along the process. 

What is Considered a Rideshare Accident? 

There are four main categories of ridesharing accidents, and the type of Uber accident you’re involved in will very much determine your ability to recover damages for your losses. These accidents include:

  • Scenario 1: A passenger was injured in a ridesharing vehicle during a ride
  • Scenario 2: The Uber driver was injured while picking up, driving, or dropping off passengers
  • Scenario 3: A driver of another vehicle was injured in an accident with a vehicle performing ridesharing services
  • Scenario 4: Passengers were injured in a crash with a rideshare vehicle as the rideshare driver was on its way to pick up a passenger 

In the last scenario, it’s important to note that drivers can be held liable for negligence if they were engaging with the ridesharing app instead of paying attention to the road. Given what we know about ridesharing apps and how they operate, would a driver be held liable for an accident, or would the ridesharing company have to foot the bill? Your Los Angeles Uber accident lawyer will examine the evidence surrounding your accident and help you target all of the liable parties. 

Understanding Fault in Uber Accidents 

Who is at fault for an accident is not always clear-cut. Blame doesn’t always fall squarely on someone, and in many cases, one or several parties can be at fault when an accident occurs. After an Uber accident, law enforcement professionals will evaluate the incident and assist with assigning fault to the appropriate parties. If you’re an Uber driver involved in an accident, be sure to call the police immediately to sort out the facts. File a police report immediately on the scene, and take pictures of the damage caused to your vehicle. 

If you’re a passenger involved in an Uber accident, make sure you treat your injuries immediately and do not hesitate to reach out to an attorney who can guide you through the recovery process for any costs incurred. 

Our Los Angeles Uber Accident Lawyer Explains When Uber Drivers (Instead of the Company) are Liable

Rideshare drivers are classified as independent contractors, which means they work under a contract and not as an employee of the company. They are required to maintain their vehicles themselves, and are generally not covered under an employer’s worker’s compensation program. Under this framework, the driver would be responsible for their own general liability insurance coverage; however, the state of California requires rideshare companies to provide additional insurance for drivers. There are a variety of different policies and coverage available, depending on the severity of the accident. 

As such, if it's shown that an Uber driver was wholly responsible for causing an accident, it's likely the rideshare company that will ultimately cover the driver’s liability through their insurance policy if the damages are extensive.

A Skilled Los Angeles Uber Accident Lawyer Will Fight for Compensation and Discuss Your Case With the Insurance Company 

It’s important to understand that many insurance companies require timely notice of an accident in order to pay out any claims. It is important that you speak with a qualified accident attorney prior to speaking with any insurance company, especially the adverse insurance company. Once you retain an attorney, the insurance company is not permitted to contact you and all communications will go through your attorney. This is crucial because an experienced Uber accident attorney will present your case to the adverse insurance company in a manner to maximize your recovery. You will be required to make a statement to your own insurance company. An experienced accident attorney will guide you as to how you should present your claim and speak to the adjuster to ensure you will not be held responsible or make an incorrect statement.

Compensation For Your Losses

Uber accidents can cause substantial physical and emotional pain, and result in significant expenses to manage your injuries and repair your vehicle. Uber drivers and passengers alike may be able to receive compensation for their injuries and economic losses. Uber drivers, for example, may be entitled to lost wages if they are unable to work due to substantial physical or vehicular damage. Drivers may additionally receive compensation to cover the cost of repairs to their vehicles and their medical expenses. Uber passengers who experience physical or emotional trauma may also be entitled to compensation for medical expenses and lost wages, should their injuries prevent them from returning to work safely. Whether you’re an Uber driver or passenger, your attorney can guide you through the recovery process.

Insurance Coverage

Uber has insurance policies to protect their drivers and riders. Drivers are covered if they are not at fault and either waiting for a ride request, in route to pick up a rider or during trips. A rider is covered irrespective of who it at fault as long as they are in the Uber and on a Uber trip.

What Steps Should You Take After a Rideshare Accident?

If you are a passenger involved in a rideshare accident, then your actionable steps should mirror those you would take after a normal car accident. After calling emergency services and ensuring your health is intact, call law enforcement immediately so they can begin gathering evidence around the facts of the accident. The rideshare company will have a record of your driver’s pertinent information and the location where the accident occurred. You will also need to ensure that you’ve gathered the driver’s insurance information, because that will be the first option for the driver when attempting to settle any claims. Also make sure you obtain their full name, license number, and license plate number for your records.

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