Dog Bites

Animal bites occur with regrettable frequency and total over four million each year, and the overwhelming number of them comes from dogs. Children are often bitten, mostly on the fingers and hands as they reach out to pet strange dogs, but adults are also attacked in great numbers.. All pet animals, including cats, rabbits, birds, and horses can bite, as can wild ones.

Dog owners are responsible for keeping their dogs under control at all times. Dogs in Los Angeles are not permitted to run off leash except in very limited locations, and very aggressive dogs may need a muzzle to keep them from biting. Responsible dog owners must make sure their pet never attacks anyone.

All dog bites require medical attention to prevent infection and to check for deep injuries to bones and other tissues. Dogs and other animals may carry diseases such as rabies that can be transferred to the bitten person, so it may be necessary to identify or locate the animal to avoid lengthy and painful treatments.

Medical costs after any animal or dog bite can be extensive, especially if ligaments, tendons, and other tender tissues have been torn or damaged. Bones can also be broken by the tremendous forces an animal bite can produce, and even cat bites can become very seriously infected because they run deeper than those of dogs and are much more difficult to clean.

Injuries from animal bites may never properly heal, no matter how good your medical treatment was. Bites to joints can produce a lifetime of arthritic pain and ugly permanent scars can remind you of the traumatic incident. Most insurance claims fail to address these long-term costs and provide little compensation for your intense suffering both during and after the incident.

The insurance company who offers you a settlement is not on your side and is only interested in settling the claim as quickly as possible to its own advantage. Statistics demonstrate that insurance companies compensations are lower than those negotiated by a personal injury attorney and often ignore your pain and suffering. Don’t make a decision based upon a false trust fostered by the adjuster’s polite demeanor, and whatever you do, don’t sign anything until it’s been checked by an attorney with Banafshe Law Firm, PC, who knows the tactics insurance companies employ and can help you pursue your claim for the best possible settlement.

An experienced and determined personal injury attorney from the Banafshe Law Firm, PC, can build a solid case that will consider all your pain, suffering, and costs. You should contact us for a free initial consultation where we can discuss the details surrounding your case and offer helpful and considerate advice about how to proceed and what to expect.

Please give us a chance to help you recover your life. Having a determined personal injury attorney by your side can make everything easier, and we’re here to keep your best interests in mind. If you are a victim of an animal bite, contact Banafshe Law Firm, PC as soon as possible for a free initial consultation by calling (888) LAW-9991. A delay may affect the outcome of your settlement.

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