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Testimonials From Our Prior Clients


When it comes to law firms, they can't get any better than the Ryan Banafshe law firm. They are both very personal, and professional. They make me feel as if I were their only client. In the time that I've been with them never have I felt put off nor unimportant. Not only did I hire a great law firm, I've found a great friend in every sense of the word friend.



They were kind, professional, knowledgeable, and always there for me every step of the way. They take care of everything you need and they really cared about my medical treatments. They aren't just stuck on taking care of the legal side of things. I would often get calls asking me how I was doing and if there is anything they could do for me. I honestly felt very well taken care of...every call I made was either taken or I was called back within an acceptable period of time….recommend them to any of my friends or family.



Mr. Banafshe represented me in a case over the past year. His staff was highly experienced and professional. Ryan sent someone to my home in Anaheim in order to get my statement. This speaks volume to me. I would highly recommend retaining the Banafshe law firm.



Ryan and his staff really know what they are doing and they will either take your call or call you back…The other driver’s insurance company was giving me the run around before I hired an attorney, but things went rather smooth after I hired Ryan. I was lucky that Ryan was able to get me a settlement I was pleased with…



Mr. Banafshe is a stellar personal injury attorney. He is very detail oriented, professional, and skilled. He understands the law, and knows how to achieve the highest result on your claim. On a personal level, he is very caring, compassionate, and relates to his clients.



Ryan and the rest of his office were so sweet and caring during my entire ordeal. They were always following up with me and made sure to keep in touch throughout my entire litigation process. I can’t speak more highly of how comforting it was to know that I had a qualified, caring attorney and staff handling my case. Mr. Banafshe is truly a skilled attorney…I would highly recommend him to my family and friends moving forward.



Ryan has made a frustrating experience as manageable as possible. I highly recommend Ryan. He understands how stressful an accident can be and I truly appreciate him taking a Saturday afternoon to meet with me…I definitely recommend you call him



My opinion, and experience that when I hired the Banafshe Law Firm, I couldn’t have hired a better lawyer or firm. They have been very personal, informative, patient with me, professional and thorough in dealing with my accident.



From my initial contact with them they were very professional… My case was handled in a timely fashion, with an outstanding settlement. Anyone looking for a Law Firm to handle their case I highly recommend Banafshe Law Firm.



We were very satisfied with your services. We were kept informed of the progress, and the case was resolved in a timely manner. The staff was polite and professional…We would recommend Banafshe Law to others.



I got in a pretty serious car accident that was contested in every way by the responsible party. Art & Ryan took care of every issue and got the proper amount for my case. They did everything properly and correctly and I would trust them to any friend or family member!!!



I have trusted Banafshe Law Firm since 2013. I feel at ease and know my concerns are heard and acted on to ensure a my satisfaction. They have handled both of my cases in a prompt and professional manner. From arranging my medical appointments to driving the financial aspects of a case (which leads to difficult but HONEST conversations) I will recommend anyone in my circle to work with them after being a client for 6 years. Best wishes to this team and thank you for working with me.



The best attorney and law firm. I called them for an accident and they helped me with the entire case. Honest and let you know upfront how the case will proceed. They also pick up the phone and call back messages. Great outcome.



Competent. Honest. Informed. Compassionate. Needed legal guidance after an accident and Ryan delivered. Highly Recommend. A+++



Ryan is amazing and his staff is very caring. They will work to defend you and ensure that you are taken care of. Ryan was always available when I had any questions or concerns. I would definitely recommend him to any of my family members or close friends. Thank you for all if your assistance!



You don’t feel you’re at some “mill” and you genuinely feel he takes a personal interest in your case with an eye towards hoping you feel better (to me, the most important part); and evaluates carefully and realistically what his role can be in that process. The staff was sympathetic, thorough and professional. He speaks to you in terms you can understand (not a bunch of chilly legal mumbo-jumbo). I asked that my sister, who does have a certain amount of personal and professional experience in legal matters join me to ensure I was properly understanding what I was being told. He immediately welcomed her presence, which also felt good to me...

Carole J K.


I give the Banafshe Law Firm five golden stars. This law firm was referred to me by a friend. I am very thankful for all that they have done for me. Ryan and his staff are very professional and caring. I appreciate the care and concern from Amelda. Thank you for your encouraging words both professional and personal. This firm is efficient because no time was wasted in getting things done. They arranged for me to get a rental car and also had my car repaired by an awesome auto repair shop. The medical care I received was very helpful. The chiropractor was the best! I feel great after receiving their therapy and doing the exercises that they recommend. The Banafshe Law Firm took away the stress and worries that comes with being involved in a car accident. My settlement was more than what I thought I was going to receive. Thank you for your service! I highly recommend you and I will definitely use you again in the future if necessary. My name is Marlene Simpkins and I approve this message.



My daughter was involved in a car accident and I was referred to this law firm by a family friend. Since my daughter was a minor at the time of the accident I handled everything for her. I was very impressed with this law firm from the beginning to the end. Very attentive and caring. Thankfully the accident was not significant and my daughter suffered mild injuries, but I never felt like they didn’t take the case seriously. They constantly followed up with my daughter to make sure she was going to the doctor and to make sure she was improving. They also assisted me with getting my car repaired even though only my daughter was their client. The first offer from the insurance company was low, but they negotiated on our behalf and increased the settlement amount. An overall great experience in an unfortunate circumstance. Everyone at this office is kind and knowledgeable. My daughter was also very happy with the compensation she received.



I created this Yelp account just to be able to leave this review. That should tell you how much I wanted to do it. And it is so deserving. Ryan and Art et al did a tremendous job handling my case. Which we won btw. And also helping me through the process. Anyone who’s been involved in a lawsuit knows what a drag it can be. And the first time, and it was my first time, is daunting and full of unknowns. They helped me through the ups and downs, and taught me about the process and the patience it takes. But also the attention to detail and steadfastness. If I ever had need of an attorney for a personal injury case again, I would pick up the phone and call Ryan Banafshe. And you should too . . .



My experience was excellent. Mr. Ryan Banafshe and his associates did a great job for me. They answers all my questions and concerns very professional Thank you very much! Ryan, Art, Amelda, Silvia..and all of them.



Truly a pleasure to work with. I have to say he is one of the friendliest attorneys I have ever met. Very professional but also very warm and compassionate. He was always available when I had questions or concerns. I would highly recommend him!



Ryan Banafshe and his assistant Amelda were great. They really are kind and considerate. They tell you the truth and stick to what they say. If I ever need another Attorney I will definitely call them. Thank you for everything



Great team, very knowledgeable, they are very respectful and courteous, always answered my questions and concerns. I felt supported from the beginning to the end. Nothing less than exceptional. Thank you Mr. Banafshe



I wasn’t happy with the service I was getting from my insurance company, so I contacted Banafshe Law. They sent a representative to my house to take my information and then handled everything, leaving me with nothing to worry about but getting well. I recommend them highly!