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Worst Highway Pile-Ups of All Time

When you leave home in your vehicle, there is a possibility that you will be involved in an accident or a possibility that you will come across an accident on the road. Some accidents are more than just a typical fender bender and involve several cars, some that are completely destroyed. There are a few pile-ups that stand out in the history of the country over others that have occurred because of the number of vehicles involved or the injuries and deaths that occurred.

In 2011, 176 vehicles were involved in a large accident in Hendersonville, TN. This is a town close to Nashville. On the morning of December 1, drivers encountered heavy fog in the town. As drivers saw that it was difficult to see the road ahead of them, they started to hit the cars in front of them, resulting in almost 200 cars involved. Fortunately, there was only one person killed. The chain of cars spread for over two miles. It took hours for emergency officials and tow trucks to clear the road.


There were 193 vehicles involved in a pile-up in Galesburg, MI on January 9, 2015. The cause of the pile-up was heavy fog in the area. The road was blocked for over 24 hours as vehicles were removed from the roadway. Only one person died, but almost two dozen people were injured and transported to local hospitals. There were two large trucks among the vehicles in the pile-up, one that was hauling fireworks and another carrying hazardous materials.


On March 20, 1995, 200 vehicles were in a chain reaction in Mobile, AL. As with many other pile-ups involving dozens of vehicles, fog played a part. Drivers were not able to see the road, but this incident was a bit different than others that have occurred with a large number of vehicles. Drivers started to see brake lights and began to slow down, which likely helped to decrease the number of deaths and severe injuries. There were still at least 90 people injured, some seriously. A downfall of this pile-up was that rescue workers could only get to the people who were injured as the vehicles were cleared from the road.


Perhaps one of the worst pile-ups in history did not take place in the United States. It occurred in Brazil in 2011. Dense fog made it difficult for drivers to see, resulting in over 300 cars crashing on the Rodovia dos Imigrantes highway. Some of the vehicles caught on fire. One person died, and dozens were injured.


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