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Work with our award-winning personal injury attorneys on a co-counsel or referral basis. We look forward to partnering with you.

Our Referral Philosophy

Banafshe Law Firm regularly works with attorneys from all areas of practices throughout California on cases they refer to our firm, associate us into, or on a co-counsel basis. Our award-winning personal injury law firm has the resources and reputation to successfully handle your client’s legal matters throughout California. Our law firm is not afraid to challenge insurance companies or major corporations, and we will go up against any defense firm in court. We have paid millions of dollars in referral fees. Learn more about how we can work together.

Reasons to Refer a Case to Banafshe Law Firm

Other lawyers work with us because: 

  • We pay up to 50% in referral fees
  • We cover all case costs and expenses
  • We are committed to keeping the referring firm involved and informed throughout the pendency of the case
  • We have the resources, capabilities, and time to take on large cases

We Can Do Great Things When We Join Forces

Our firm has the experience, knowledge, and ability to team up with any law firm throughout California to ensure the best possible result is obtained. We are honored to be asked to handle cases from other law firms and this is a responsibility that we do not take lightly. Our performance reflects directly on the referring attorney and we make sure our client receives the service they deserve, the case is handled with the utmost professionalism and care, and the maximum compensation is obtained. 

Our fee sharing agreements comply with all California State Bar rules and California Rule of Professional Conduct Rule 1.5.1. Our fee sharing agreements are always in writing, signed by attorneys from all firms and the fully disclosed terms are consented to by the client at the time the attorneys enter into the agreement to divide the fee. 

How Can the Banafshe Law Firm Help You?

Interested in working with Banafshe Law Firm? Contact us either online, via email, or by phone at 855-300-3630 to speak with someone who can assist.