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Was Your Car Accident Caused by a Mechanical Failure?

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Although most people rarely think about it, there is a lot that can go wrong with your (or someone else’s) car. We expect our cars to operate safely—and they usually do—and we do not often consider the risk of a mechanical failure leading to a serious accident. But, the reality is that car accidents involving mechanical failures are common. This includes both single-vehicle accidents and collisions involving two or more vehicles. If you have been injured in an accident and you suspect that a mechanical failure may be to blame, it will be important for you to speak with a product liability attorney promptly.

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Single-Vehicle Accidents Caused By Mechanical Failures

If you were driving along and you suddenly lost control, there is a very good chance that your accident was the result of a mechanical failure. Brake failures, engine failures, transmission failures, and other vehicle defects can all create perilous circumstances in which drivers are helpless to protect themselves.

If you were injured in a single-vehicle accident involving a mechanical failure, who is liable? In most cases, accident victims who suffer injuries due to mechanical failures will have product liability claims against:

  • Vehicle Manufacturer – Vehicle manufacturers can be held liable for mechanical failures resulting from defects. A vehicle is considered “defective” if it leaves the factory with an issue that presents an unnecessary or unreasonable risk for serious or fatal injury.
  • Component Manufacturer – Vehicle manufacturers often source components from other companies. If the component that malfunctioned in your vehicle was manufactured by a company other than your vehicle’s manufacturer, then this company may be liable. Importantly, your vehicle’s manufacturer could still be liable as well.
  • Dealership – Dealerships can be held liable for defects and for performing negligent service work. Mechanical failure claims frequently involve claims against dealerships based on product liability and/or negligence.
  • Maintenance Shop – If you had your vehicle serviced at an independent maintenance shop and the shop’s technicians performed negligent work, then the maintenance shop could be liable for your injuries and losses.

Collisions Between Cars Involving Vehicle Defects  

What if you were involved in a collision with another vehicle and that vehicle suffered a mechanical failure? In this scenario, you can pursue claims just as you could if your own vehicle malfunctioned. If the other vehicle was defective, you can pursue a product liability claim against the relevant manufacturer. If the other vehicle suffered a mechanical failure due to negligent service work, then you can pursue a claim against the dealership or maintenance shop that worked on the vehicle.

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