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Does Your State Impose Reward Caps on Personal Injury Suits?

September 25, 2018

Sometimes we hear in the media about multi-million dollar lawsuits being filed in court and have to wonder to ourselves if there is really any limit to the amount that an individual may ask of from the courts. It can seem almost outrageous at times the amounts that some people feel that they are legally entitled to. However, you should note that many states do in fact have limits on the amount that a person may sue for in a personal injury lawsuit. The reality is that many of those multi-million dollar lawsuits are settled for a lot less money than that.

How Long Do I Have to File a Personal Injury Claim?

September 20, 2018

Personal injury claims become necessary when one party is injured and believes a second party is responsible for the injury. In order to seek compensation that helps to cover medical expenses and replace the income that the injured party has lost, filing a claim and possibly pursuing a lawsuit becomes necessary. This is especially true when the accused party denies responsibility and expresses no interest in attempting to settle the claim. There are time limits that apply to filing any type of personal injury claim. Much depends on where you live and who you are claiming caused the injury. Here’s some basic information that will help you understand how long you have to file your claim before seeking legal redress is no longer possible.

Lump Sum Settlements vs. Structured Payouts: Which Is Best?

September 18, 2018

The end of the rainbow for any personal injury case is a payment of some kind (at least in the cases that are successfully won). However, plaintiffs have to decide if they would like to receive a lump sum payment or perhaps get a structured settlement as available in certain cases. Now, most of the time the lump sum payment is going to be the only option that the plaintiff has, but there is at least some chance that a structured settlement may be in the works. You should know how each works so that you may determine which is best in your particular circumstances.

Should I Settle My Case or Go to Trial?

September 13, 2018

This is probably not the answer that most people want to hear, but it makes a lot more sense to try to settle a case that you have before the court instead of going to trial. Going to trial gets all of the press and makes watching legal dramas fun, but trials are rarely the way that the real world works. In the event that you end up being the victim of a medical malpractice or personal injury situation, you are probably going to want to settle your case anyway. The truth is that any liable party is going to stretch things out as much as they possibly can before getting dragged into court. You probably do not have the time to sit around and wait for your money to arrive. Instead, you need some kind of action to be taken right now. This means that you will need to…

Does My Case Qualify for Class Action Status?

September 11, 2018

People have a right to live and bring up their families in an environment that is safe and not harmful to their health and well-being. There are a great many laws at the state and federal levels that are meant to regulate and control the actions and behavior of utility companies. They were designed to ensure that people can breathe fresh air, drink clean water, and live in homes that are free of toxic material. The utility companies know these laws well. And most of them abide by them to the letter. But there are always a few that break the law and put people’s lives in danger in pursuit of greater profits.

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