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What to Do After a Trucking Accident

A truck accident can be a scary experience, especially if you’re driving a standard passenger vehicle. Because most commercial trucking vehicles tower at least 30 feet in height and weigh thousands of pounds, the injuries one can sustain in an accident of this size can be brutal. From catastrophic injury that can leave one paralyzed to even death, trucking accidents are serious and must be dealt with by a professional. An experienced Los Angeles truck accident lawyer can help you determine the best course of action for receiving compensation for your injuries.  If you’ve been involved in a truck accident, you may be wondering how you should handle the immediate moments after the crash. Taking the right steps post-crash will make it much easier to recover damages for the injuries you have sustained. Here are some of the steps you must take to ensure your personal injury lawsuit goes smoothly….

Biggest Mistakes After a Trucking Accident

A truck accident is a far more serious accident than your standard car crash. Because trucks are often significantly larger in size, injuries tend to be more severe and sometimes, even fatal. Claims are often more complex as well, as federal regulations governing truck accidents may apply even though your accident occurred in Los Angeles. Because caring for your injuries can be extremely costly, you will need to hire an experienced Los Angeles truck accident lawyer to guide you through the process of recovery. Your attorney can counsel you through obtaining damages that will cover the cost of your medical expenses, lost wages, and any pain and suffering you may have incurred after the accident. After an accident, you are likely feeling disoriented and unsure of what your next steps should be. Being aware of the most common mistakes made by victims of truck accidents is crucial to avoid them….

What Trucks are Considered Commercial Vehicles?

A commercial trucking accident can have enormous implications for all parties involved, and the fall-out can involve assessing and determining liability among multiple parties. This often catastrophic event typically involves very serious injuries and requires extensive hospitalization and medical treatment. The impact of this long term care becomes costly, as medical expenses along with lost wages become a factor in the patient’s ability to recover after the accident. If you’ve been involved in a commercial trucking accident in California, consider contacting a Los Angeles truck accident lawyer who can offer insight into the most common frequently asked questions. What Types of Trucks are Generally Involved in Collisions? There are a variety of trucks on the road in California, and each pose their own type of danger on the road. Some of the types of trucks that are generally more likely to be involved in a serious accident include: 18 Wheelers…

What Causes Trucking Accidents in Los Angeles?

With a population of approximately 4 million people, Los Angeles is a massive city with sprawling highways crowded with commuters. From residents trying to get to and from work to truck drivers delivering goods and produce to stores, businesses, and homes, the incidence of car and truck accidents is high considering the high volume of traffic on the roads. Because of the size and weight of trucks, truck accidents can be quite serious and often require the experience of a Los Angeles truck accident lawyer. He or she will pursue a personal injury claim and recover damages for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering if you’ve suffered a serious or catastrophic injury. Because trucks can weigh 20 to 30 times as much as a passenger vehicle and can have greater difficulty coming to a halt or turning in the case of a split-second move to avoid an…

Dealing with Insurance Companies After a Truck Accident

A truck accident can have serious consequences for your health and financial well-being. If the truck accident was severe, you are likely seeking ongoing medical treatment and facing mounting medical bills and lost wages. The emotional toll of the truck accident might also be affecting your ability to enjoy your life. Adding the stress of dealing with insurance companies to seek recovery for your expenses and lost earnings makes matters even worse. If you’ve been involved in a truck accident in California with a negligent truck driver, we urge you to contact a Los Angeles truck accident lawyer who can navigate the complex task of demanding what you deserve from insurance companies. Your attorney can help you determine who is at fault for the accident and then proceed to chart a path forward for the best approach in demanding and negotiating damages after the accident.  Whose Insurance Company Should Pay?…

Breaking Down Big Rig Accidents in California

Anyone who has driven down a highway has likely seen an 18-wheeler. big rig trucks are massive in size and can be intimidating to even the most experienced driver. All automobiles can be dangerous when not operated properly, but this is even more true with 18-wheelers. An experienced Los Angeles truck accident lawyer is aware that an accident involving an 18-wheeler or big rig is more likely to have catastrophic consequences than an accident involving any other type of vehicle on the road. The sheer size of big rigs makes them difficult to navigate, and it is almost impossible for drivers to quickly and safely slam on the brakes in an emergency situation. Truck drivers also have more blind spots, so it is critical that they operate their vehicles in a safe manner at all times. Obligations of the Big Rig Driver in California Like all drivers on the road,…

10 Deadliest Roads in California for Truck Accidents

Whether it’s because of hazardous weather conditions, the structure of the road, or the actions of the driver, there are several roads in California that are known as the deadliest or the most dangerous for truck drivers. Other drivers on the road are often more aware of their surroundings while on these roads in order to decrease the chances of an accident occurring. Fortunately, there is assistance available if you are in an accident and are injured. State Road 138 Although this is a main road in the state, it’s full of twists and turns that are sometimes difficult to see until drivers come across them. They are especially difficult to see when it’s foggy or if it’s raining very hard. I-15 This is a highly traveled road from Las Vegas to the Los Angeles area. Speed is often a factor when wrecks are concerned, especially among large trucks. I-10…