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10 Deadliest Roads in California for Truck Accidents

Whether it’s because of hazardous weather conditions, the structure of the road, or the actions of the driver, there are several roads in California that are known as the deadliest or the most dangerous for truck drivers. Other drivers on the road are often more aware of their surroundings while on these roads in order to decrease the chances of an accident occurring. Fortunately, there is assistance available if you are in an accident and are injured.

State Road 138
Although this is a main road in the state, it’s full of twists and turns that are sometimes difficult to see until drivers come across them. They are especially difficult to see when it’s foggy or if it’s raining very hard.

This is a highly traveled road from Las Vegas to the Los Angeles area. Speed is often a factor when wrecks are concerned, especially among large trucks.


The road is ranked among the top five deadliest roads in the country. The road is popular among drivers from Arizona and Las Vegas to the Los Angeles area. Poor road conditions often lead to accidents as well as drivers who are distracted by the sights on the sides of the interstate.

This is an interstate that takes drivers from California to New York. The sheer number of vehicles that travel on the interstate makes this a dangerous road and one of the deadliest. Many pile-ups occur resulting in driver and passenger fatalities.

Highway 70
Drivers often speed on this highway and don’t pay attention to road conditions. There are usually several construction projects on this road as well that result in driver distractions and wrecks.

Highway 49
Numerous curves on this highway make it difficult for drivers to stay on the road at all times. The road is sometimes difficult to travel for young drivers as well as those who are inexperienced. Many drivers pass slower vehicles, leading to accidents that result in numerous deaths that have occurred on the road.

Mineral King Road
With all of the blind curves and unexpected turns that aren’t marked by signs, this is one of the deadliest roads in the state. The lanes are narrow, and there are very few places on the sides of the road where people can pull over. Commercial trucks have a difficult time navigating the narrow lines, resulting in numerous head-on collisions.

Another busy interstate that runs from one coast to the other, I-40 sees numerous accidents in California. There are over 100 people who have died on the interstate in the state within the past four years, a number that is higher than similar interstates in the same area.

State Road 126
Even though this is a beautiful scenic road, there are numerous deadly accidents that occur. One section of the road is known as “Blood Alley” because of the number of injuries and deaths that have happened.

The interstate spans across 800 miles and runs from the northern area of California to the southern end. Straight stretches of road and speeding are usually the causes of accidents on this roadway.

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