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Biggest Mistakes After a Trucking Accident

A truck accident is a far more serious accident than your standard car crash. Because trucks are often significantly larger in size, injuries tend to be more severe and sometimes, even fatal. Claims are often more complex as well, as federal regulations governing truck accidents may apply even though your accident occurred in Los Angeles. Because caring for your injuries can be extremely costly, you will need to hire an experienced Los Angeles truck accident lawyer to guide you through the process of recovery. Your attorney can counsel you through obtaining damages that will cover the cost of your medical expenses, lost wages, and any pain and suffering you may have incurred after the accident.

After an accident, you are likely feeling disoriented and unsure of what your next steps should be. Being aware of the most common mistakes made by victims of truck accidents is crucial to avoid them. Below, we review these common mistakes made after a trucking accident and encourage you to contact our office immediately if you’ve been injured in a crash with a big rig or any other type of commercial vehicle.

Failing to Obtain a Police Report Can Be Harmful to Your Case

Forgetting to ask for a copy of the police report is one of the most common mistakes accident victims make. The police report is crucial to ensure you will be compensated for your injuries after the accident, as it includes valuable and essential information about the facts of an accident. It will also include contact information for all drivers involved and witnesses to the crash, images of the damages, and more. The police report is a critical fact-finding tool for your Los Angeles truck accident lawyer, so be sure to get it as soon as possible.

Skipping Medical Treatment or Follow-Up Care is Never a Good Thing

Some people get into truck accidents and refuse to see a doctor for their injuries. Unfortunately, even though your injuries may not initially seem to be severe, they can turn into debilitating conditions if not properly treated. Those who obtain medical treatment immediately after the crash and then decide to discontinue their follow-up appointments also run a similar risk of suffering a more serious condition. The best advice we can give is to see your doctor early and often.

Our Los Angeles Truck Accident Lawyer Advises You Not to Settle Too Quickly

After an accident, the insurance company will likely reach out somewhat prematurely to offer you a settlement. This settlement is supposed to cover your medical expenses, lost wages, and any pain and suffering the adjusters feel you might be entitled to receive after a truck accident. Unfortunately, this settlement offer is rarely the maximum you could and should obtain after your accident. Instead, insurance companies are often quite quick to make you an offer that seems like a lot, but is substantially less than what they would have to pay when facing an attorney.

Not Hiring a Los Angeles Truck Accident Lawyer Can Be a Costly Mistake – Get the Help You Need Today

Failing to hire an experienced Los Angeles truck accident lawyer is one of the biggest mistakes a truck accident victim can make. An experienced attorney can go up against insurance companies and secure the settlement you deserve. There’s no need for you to attempt to handle the situation on your own. Contact our office today to learn more about how we can help you get the just compensation you deserve.