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Can I Report A Slip and Fall Accident The Next Day?

It was a beautiful day for a walk. You stroll the downtown area enjoying the sites. All the sudden, you trip and fall in front of a bakery. You realize that the concrete is broken, and you tripped over a jagged piece. The fall shakes you, but you hurry to get up and on your way. There are many people around who offer to help, but you feel fine. There’s no need to report an incident if you are okay. However, the next morning, you are very stiff, and your leg is swollen.

Always Report An Accident Immediately

When you first fell, you should have reported the incident to the property owner and called the police for an official report. The walkways and stairs in front of the establishment are the responsibility of the store owner. However, since you felt fine after your tumble, you didn’t see the need to make a report.

Often, it takes a while for the full scope of your injuries to become apparent. The body pumps adrenaline when you get into situations like this, and it can mask any pains or injuries. Inflammation doesn’t occur immediately either. You could have internal damages that won’t be apparent until your body shows signs.

The right thing to do would be to report the slip and fall when it happened. However, since you didn’t do that, you should report the incident as soon as you notice that you have injuries. Even if you don’t feel hurt, you should always get a medical evaluation to ensure there is no damage. The medical report will prove valuable if you should need to ask for compensation for medical bills and suffering. Also, you need to get witness statements from anyone who was around that saw the fall. Should you end up in court, you need all the proof you can get.

Getting Legal Representation After a Slip and Fall 

When you don’t report an accident right away, the insurance company for the other party may feel that your injuries are not severe, or you would have got help quickly. They can use small trivial things like this against you. Their goal is to pay as little as they can or get out of paying at all. When you have injuries that keep you from working and require medical assistance, then you need a personal injury attorney to help.

At Banafshe Law Firm, we handle cases that range from slip and fall incidents to wrongful death. We know the games the insurance company plays and how to protect you. You need legal representation immediately after an accident. We work with you and the insurance company to get a fair settlement to negate court. Since 2003, we have been helping people like you get the compensation they deserve. We take charge to remove the stress from you regarding the case, and we allow you to focus on recovery.

Don’t try to handle the insurance company yourself, call one of our associates for help. We are available 24/7 for our clients.