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Five Most Common Causes of Catastrophic Injuries in Los Angeles

Few people are prepared for the devastating and life-altering consequences of a catastrophic injury. Generally resulting in long-term and even lifelong effects that significantly impact a person’s quality of life, the impact of a catastrophic injury can affect your family and loved ones, as well. Since these injuries typically require extensive and long-term treatment encompassing physical, mental, and emotional rehabilitation, it’s recommended that you contact an experienced Los Angeles catastrophic accident lawyer if you’ve been involved in a serious accident in the city.

There is a substantial chance that a severe accident or injury might occur in a city with such close proximity to so many different activities in nature. A catastrophic injury will generally include spinal injuries, limb loss, traumatic brain injury, and any other injury that requires effective long-term treatment or care. Below, we discuss the five most common causes of catastrophic injuries in Los Angeles, along with tips for how to avoid them.

Watersports Accidents

Los Angeles’ reputation for being a sunny seaside town lends itself to boating, jet ski, and watersports enthusiasts looking for a thrill on the water. Unfortunately, loose restrictions on watersports and drinking increase the incidence of a catastrophic accident taking place. Avoid these accidents by minimizing alcohol consumption while on the water and making sure all safety measures are in place before you set sail. 

Car, Motorcycle, and Truck Accidents

Los Angeles is infamous for having some of the most dangerous and congested roadways in the United States. When you pair a substantial amount of traffic with steep, curving roads and expensive cars, the results can be deadly. The best way to avoid getting into a catastrophic accident on the road is to pay close attention to your driving: Be careful on sharp turns, don’t be in a rush, and avoid distractions like texting while driving. If you’re tempted to drink and drive, just don’t!

Sports Injuries

With so many promising sports teams in Los Angeles, it’s no wonder that sports injuries are among the leading causes of catastrophic injury. Football players especially find themselves at risk of experiencing traumatic brain injuries on the job. Be sure to be examined frequently by a care provider to avoid this fate.

Workplace Accidents in California

Unfortunately, injuries on the job are a common cause of catastrophic injury, with dangerous conditions, chemicals, and other factory hazards substantially impairing safety conditions. Workers should be especially diligent about whether their employers adhere to required safety laws to avoid an accident. If you suspect your employer is in violation, you can call a Los Angeles catastrophic accident lawyer to prevent a severe accident.

Medical Malpractice

Doctors aren’t perfect, and mistakes do happen. Sometimes, their mistakes lead to catastrophic injuries, but you aren’t obligated to stay silent regarding their poor treatment. Instead, you can sue to recover damages and even aim to remove the doctor from the medical board if they behaved especially negligently.

Injured in a Serious Accident? Contact a Los Angeles Catastrophic Accident Lawyer

You don’t have to face this terrible injury alone. Working with an experienced attorney who can argue on your behalf will alleviate one of the many burdens you’re likely facing at this unfortunate time. Contact our offices today.