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Here’s What It’s Like to Really Drive the Autobahn

The Autobahn in Germany can be an exciting way to get from Point A to Point B in the country. Many native commuters use the expressway to drive to work in hopes of cutting down the amount of time it takes for them to arrive at their destinations. You should know, however, that, despite the myth of the stretch of highway serving as a free-for-all, there are various official and unofficial rules on Germany’s Autobahn. Here are six of the more important regulations to keep you safe.


  1. Do not pass on the right

One of the main reasons why the Autobahn successfully moves cars along is because of the stringent rule of drivers only being able to pass cars on the left. It is absolutely illegal and dangerous to create your own rule in this regard and attempt to pass a driver on the right.


  1. Double check your side view mirror before getting over

The Autobahn is a high-speed highway. You, therefore, need to show additional caution when merging to pass other vehicles on the left. Check your side view mirror once and take a look again to ensure that no vehicles suddenly appear.


  1. Stay to the right if you want to go slow

There are maximum speeds on the highway, but no one is forcing you to travel at such high rates. You can always move to the right if you desire to go slower. Do not drive too leisurely, though. German car operators tend to be aggressive on the road even when they are going at slower speeds.


  1. Obey the speed limit

Many German natives use the Autobahn as a way of escaping what they feel are stringent rules concerning speed on other roads. The expressway, however, has limitations of its own. All drivers are expected to go no faster than 130km/h (80 mph) on any stretch of the Autobahn. Stretches on the highway that go through urban areas have even lower speed limits because of the increased probability of congestion. Drivers are often admonished to go no faster than 120km/h (75 mph) in these spaces.

You should not go along with the crowd when it comes to operating your vehicle at dangerously high rates of speed on the Autobahn. Not only could such carelessness lead to severe injury, but you also risk the potential of paying a high fine for breaking the rules when you go too fast on the Autobahn.


  1. Use your blinkers

North American drivers are more relaxed in their approach to merging on the road, hence using a blinker is not always necessary. German drivers, however, tend to be more aggressive, which means that you must signal when you want to merge to avoid a horrific crash.


  1. In the end, go with the flow

You will be fine on the Autobahn in Germany as long as you do not create your own rules. Go with the flow of things for a fun and interactive experience.