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Most Scenic Routes in the United States


One of the most romantic methods of travel is the car. For those who only travel on the busy highways to and from major cities, a lot of that romanticism is lost. To understand just how beautiful the surrounding country can be, you need to hit the road and undergo a proper road trip. Keep in mind, too, that should you find yourself in an accident, have the right representation to defend your interests. Either with your family or your friends, pack up the essentials and just see where the road takes you. If you have a mind for beauty, however, you may want to consider traveling down some of these highways and roadways. They’re some of the most scenic routes that you can find in the United States.

  1. Highway 78 In Alabama

If the song, “Sweet Home Alabama,” was true about anything, it was about the beauty the state has to offer. You can view its most scenic splendors by traveling down Highway 78. This highway will lead you through the part of the Appalachian Mountains that cut into the state. For those city-dwellers who have never seen a full-on mountain before, the sight can be quite the one to behold with its snowy-peaked cliffs. This highway eventually leads into the Tallageda National Forest, as well, so you can admire the color of the trees as you glide along the roadway.


  1. Route 66 In Arizona

Perhaps the most famous of roadways, Route 66 will lead you through the picturesque Red Rock Scenic Byway. You’ll be able to see breathtaking rock formations that seem almost extraterrestrial in design. In addition, this roadway offers up ancient Native American cliff dwellings to view as well. You may just feel as though you’re traveling through time.


  1. Pacific Coast Highway In California

This highway is probably just as famous as Route 66. You’ve likely seen its winding roads in quite a few films, in fact. Take the time to enjoy the bends around the cliffs and hills and look out on the gorgeous Pacific Ocean crashing against the side of the cliffs. Who knows, you may even spot a few whales or dolphins!?


  1. Kennett Pike In Delaware

If lush hills and greenery are more your ideas of scenic, then try the Kennett Pike located in Delaware. This highway (labeled as 52) stretches for just over 12 miles and leads you along beautiful hills and thick forests. You’ll also pass by an assortment of museums, quaint towns, and quite a few luxurious estates. For those who enjoy old architecture, the highway will also lead you over some old and classic bridges.


  1. Seven Mile Bridge In Florida

Reserved for those with a bit more daring, and for those who love the water, the Seven Mile Bridge crosses nothing but water for seven miles. Traveling during a sunset or sunrise could make for one of the most romantic rides of your life.