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Potential Compensation After a Catastrophic Accident

A catastrophic injury is an accident so severe that it leaves the injured incapacitated for an extended period of time. Catastrophic injuries often require intense and long-term medical treatment and can impact a person’s physical and emotional well-being for years and even decades to come. Because these injuries are often so serious that they can result in death or leave the injured without the ability to work or care for themselves, the additional help and support of family members or loved ones is often necessary. As a result, catastrophic injuries have a substantial impact on many parties – not just the injured – and seeking counsel from an experienced Los Angeles catastrophic injury lawyer is crucial to better manage the outcome if you’ve been injured in a major accident in L.A.

With typical catastrophic injuries including spinal injuries, brain injuries, limb loss, loss of sight or hearing, severe burns, and organ damage, catastrophic injuries are relatively common in certain types of jobs in California. If you sustained your injuries at work, California law does allow workers to access workers’ compensation benefits after an injury. Still, regardless of where you were hurt, it’s necessary to work with a Los Angeles catastrophic injury lawyer to recover damages that properly compensate you for your injuries and pain and suffering.

High-Risk Industries Where Catastrophic Accidents Occur

A catastrophic accident can occur in a number of settings and scenarios, but certain types of workers or industries are most often involved in catastrophic accidents. For example, accidents happen often at construction sites due to falls from heights, machinery mishaps, explosions, and a lack of adequate safety measures. Truck drivers, who drive massive hauls and hard-to-maneuver vehicles may also find themselves more likely to be involved in a catastrophic accident. Manufacturing jobs, workers in chemical production facilities, and public safety workers like police officers and firefighters also face a greater risk of injury

Accessing Workers’ Compensation

After a catastrophic accident, you will be faced with mounting medical costs and lost income. In California, workers injured on the job can access monetary benefits to cover their costs. If the injury was so severe that you are facing permanent damage, then you will be able to access lifetime benefits to cover your expenses for the remainder of your life. A knowledgeable Los Angeles catastrophic injury lawyer will argue for the highest benefit required for your care, as well as seek additional damages for the company’s inability to keep you safe from harm.

Get in Touch with a Los Angeles Catastrophic Injury Lawyer After an Accident

Facing a catastrophic injury is difficult, emotional, and painful for your family. Seeking the advice of a Los Angeles catastrophic injury lawyer will ensure that your pain and suffering are appropriately compensated. Don’t hesitate to contact our offices today to initiate the process.