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Seven Common Types Of Slip And Fall Accidents In California

Thousands of people are injured each year due to slip and fall accidents. Most people are not seriously hurt from a slip and fall accident. However, slip and fall accidents are still the cause of several permanent disabilities and deaths. There are several types of slip and fall accidents in California.

  1. Wet Floor and Walkway Accidents
    Business owners and property owners have to make sure that spills are cleaned up right after they happen. They are also required to put a wet floor sign out to warn people. Many people do not realize that the floor is wet.
  2. Cluttered Floor Accidents
    Business owners are supposed to keep their floors clear. Debris, supplies and equipment is a tripping hazard. Business owners are also supposed to avoid overfilling their shelves. The items can be knocked over and end up on the floor, which can be a tripping hazard.
  3. Damaged Floor Accidents
    Business owners and property owners are supposed to make sure that the floors are well-maintained. Loose carpet, space rugs and floor tiles can be a tripping hazard. Loose or damaged handrails can also cause falls.
  4. Icy Walkways Accidents
    Property owners have to remove all of the snow that is on the walkways and sidewalks. They are also responsible for preparing the area before a snow. Ice and snow can make the area slippery.
  5. Ditches and Potholes Accidents
    Trenches, holes and other ground openings need to be filled as soon as possible. If they are not filled, then there needs to be a sign that warns people of the possible dangers.
  6. Damaged Sidewalks
    Sidewalks that are uneven due cracks can easily cause a fall. A fall can also occur if there are gaps between the sidewalk segments.
  7. Inadequate Lighting
    Property owners and business owners have to make sure that there is adequate lighting. If it is difficult to see obstacles or steps, then it is easy to have a slip and fall accident. It can also be dangerous for one to move from a lighted area to a dark area. This can cause a temporary loss in vision, which can result in a fall.

No Matter What Caused Your Fall, You Should Meet with a Slip and Fall Lawyer in Los Angeles to See If You Have a Claim

In many cases, slip and fall accidents are due to negligence. If a slip and fall accident occurs in a restaurant, ball park, store, theater, playground or workplace, then the owner may be held responsible. You should contact a personal injury lawyer at Banafshe Law if you are in need of legal representation if you have suffered a slip and fall accident.