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Should We Issue Speeding Tickets Based on Income?

To help make the roads safer, most areas of the country have rules in place that govern how fast you can drive. If you are caught speeding, either by a police officer or a speeding detection camera, you could end up being hit with a speeding ticket. Unfortunately, the costs of these tickets have continued to increase considerably in price over the past few decades. This has made them unaffordable for many people that get them.

Another concern that people have about speeding tickets is that they are typically a flat rate that are charged to all people. Some have started to wonder if this is the best way to handle speeding tickets. Instead, a better option may be to base the amount of the ticket by factoring the income or assets of the person that receives the ticket. There are several reasons why this could be considered a good option.

Better Deterrent for Wealthy

One of the main reasons why a speeding ticket fine based on income could be a good idea is that it will be a better deterrent for someone that is wealthy. If two people are caught speeding and each are charged with a $250 fine, the person that is wealthy is far less likely to be concerned with the cost than someone that is poor. Because of this, the wealthy person will be less likely to control their speed in the future as the perceived punishment is much lower. Instead, a better option would be to assess a penalty to the wealthy person that is also considered significant.

Too Significant for Poor

For those that are not wealthy and are struggling to get by on a daily basis, getting hit with a big ticket can be too significant. In many cases, someone that is struggling with their finances will not be able to pay the fine, even if they are put on a payment plan. This results in additional penalties, late fees, and fines, that can then have a snowball effect. Some people end up having to take out payday or car title loans that only make the problem worse. While people should have some punishment for breaking the law, a simple speeding ticket shouldn’t have such a significant negative impact on the lives of the recipients.

If you are charged with a speeding ticket, you should reach out to the Banafshe Law Firm. This law firm will help you to better understand your rights and help you to fight the ticket. This can help you to have the ticket fine reduced or eliminated completely.