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The Biggest Personal Injury Lawsuits in L.A. History

When a person is involved in an accident that causes serious bodily injury or harm, and that accident was caused by someone’s carelessness or failure to act reasonably, California law allows the victim to sue the at-fault party and recover monetary compensation for the pain they’ve caused. Known as a personal injury claim, these lawsuits enable victims to cover their medical expenses and lost earnings. In some cases, they also recover monetary awards that aim to compensate for the victim’s level of harm. In circumstances where the negligent person acted exceptionally wrong, a victim may even seek punitive damages that provide additional compensation to the victim while signaling that their behavior was egregious.

Any experienced personal injury lawyer will tell you that mounting a successful personal injury claim after a car accident, burn injury, or construction fall will depend mainly on their ability to liken your particular case to one that has received a substantial monetary award for damages. If your lawyer can establish that your case is sufficiently similar to one that has won damages before, then it will be that much more likely that your lawsuit retrieves a similar sum.

While most personal injury claims are settled out of court, identifying cases that have had significant awards is part of the work your personal injury lawyer will do. This will help your attorney build your case and argue for a settlement offer you deserve. If an agreement can’t be reached and your case must be taken to trial, understanding the types of cases that have been the most successful in a courtroom will help you estimate whether you can expect to recover.

What are the Biggest Personal Injury Lawsuits in L.A. History?

Some personal injury lawsuits have been known to reach into the billions of dollars in California, awarding the victim a sizable sum that will last for generations to come. While the majority of personal injury cases won’t settle for such an astronomical figure, you may be entitled to receive a substantial amount of money if your case mirrors any of the most successful personal injury suits in L.A. history.

One such example is the $28 billion verdict awarded to an L.A. smoker. The plaintiff sued tobacco maker R.J. Reynolds when lifelong smoking caused her to be diagnosed with lung cancer. While personal injury cases against cigarette companies are no longer as prevalent, cases like this did establish the ability to sue a corporation for wrongdoing, even when the victim played their own role in causing the harm. 

Victims of car accidents and otherwise defective products should also note a landmark auto defect case that awarded a Los Angeles family $4.9 billion in a lawsuit against General Motors. After six passengers were involved in a collision that caused their car to explode into flames, a jury awarded them $4.9 billion to compensate for their permanent, disfiguring injuries

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer If You’ve Been Injured

Each personal injury case is unique and requires the consultation of a personal injury lawyer to assess what your specific claim might be worth. We cannot guarantee your case will result in a huge verdict like those mentioned above, but we encourage you to contact our office today to find out more about your options.