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What Is The Best Way To Select A Personal Injury Law Firm?

With so many attorneys to choose from, finding a qualified one can be very challenging. When looking for a good personal injury law firm, there are a number of things you should look for. Consider and ask about the following things when meeting with potential attorneys.

Look for someone who is exclusively a personal injury attorney

Personal injury cases can be very intricate and have a lot of specialized practices and rules. If your attorney is also handling divorces, bankruptcies and wills, he’s going to be trying to remember all the rules and practices for those, too. Rather than risk your representation being compromised because your lawyer isn’t focused, choose one who specializes in personal injury.

Look at his or her career history

A qualified, good personal injury attorney will take your case to trial if necessary. Ask him how many cases he’s taken to trial. Insurance companies know who goes to trial and who doesn’t, so you want a lawyer who is known for taking cases to trial.

You’ll also want to make sure he has a history of high verdicts and settlements. Even if your case is worth less than those other cases, it will show you that he won’t advise you to settle for less than you deserve.

While checking his history, you should also ask to speak to previous clients. He should have past clients who would be happy to tell you how happy they are with his services. If he refuses, or is hesitant, that should be a red flag.

Check with California and National trial lawyer groups

Collaboration with other personal injury lawyers will help your lawyer remain up to date on the underhanded tricks insurance companies will use to try to make victims look bad. This will put him in a better position to advise and represent you. If he’s not willing to work with others, you should ask yourself why.

Make sure the firm has sufficient resources

Make sure that the law firm you hire has enough financial and staffing resources to handle your case. There could be numerous experts involved, and expenses can easily go over $100,000. If your lawyer isn’t prepared for that, you could end up with a subpar representation that costs you far more than you’re willing to give up.

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