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When a Car Accident Becomes a Wrongful Death Suit

In late February, Los Angeles resident Monique Munoz was killed in a two-car crash near her West Los Angeles home. Munoz was on her way home from work at the UCLA hospital when a 17-year-old driver violently crashed into her, killing her on the scene. While few details have emerged regarding the cause of the accident, the officers who responded to the accident have stated that speed was definitely a major factor in the accident, suggesting that the surviving driver’s recklessness was to blame for the accident.

Munoz’s stepfather told KABC they lost their daughter to a “senseless act.” In situations such as this one, Munoz’s family could work with a Los Angeles car accident lawyer to initiate a wrongful death lawsuit. While nothing will bring their daughter back, a wrongful death suit can help alleviate the costs of a funeral and attempt to bring some semblance of compensation for their daughter’s priceless life.

What is a Wrongful Death Suit?

Wrongful death lawsuits are generally brought against defendants whose intentional or negligent actions caused someone else’s death. Family members can bring wrongful death suits on behalf of their deceased loved one. To initiate a wrongful death suit in California, you – the plaintiff – must have been closely related to the deceased, as either as their spouse, parent, child, or sibling. 

There are multiple instances in which a wrongful death lawsuit is warranted, and one of those cases includes a car accident. When the car accident caused a driver’s death, and that accident occurred because the other driver acted recklessly and failed to meet their standard duty of care, a wrongful death lawsuit can go forward. 

To recover damages for a wrongful death suit, the plaintiff must prove that the defendant had to exercise reasonable caution while driving and failed to do so. In Monique Munoz’s case, her parents would need to prove that the other driver was careless in his driving and that his negligence led to Munoz’s untimely death. They would be able to recover damages for pain and suffering, plus funeral costs, medical expenses, and even lost wages if they were dependent on Munoz for any income.

Contact a Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer After an Accident

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