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Why is Los Angeles So Dangerous for Pedestrians?

Given the number of cars on the road that make the city infamous for its traffic jams, Los Angeles pedestrian injuries and fatalities remain some of the highest in the nation. Every year, hundreds of people are killed, and even many more injured as they aim to navigate the treachery of the city’s roads. Many injured in pedestrian accidents opt to seek counsel from an experienced Los Angeles pedestrian accident attorney so they can recover damages and receive compensation for their physical and emotional injuries. With pedestrian injuries increasing year-over-year since 2006, many often ask themselves what makes Los Angeles so dangerous for pedestrians. Below, we take a look at some of the factors driving the incidence of these gruesome accidents.

California Pedestrian Accidents: The Numbers

According to the Governor’s Highway Safety Association, California often leads the nation in pedestrian deaths, with 2016 emerging as one of the highest on record with 359 deaths in the first half of the year alone. The year prior, Los Angeles registered 85 pedestrian deaths – a staggering number when you consider that the entire state of California peaked at around 400 deaths. According to the data, most of these accidents – up to 50 percent – occur at night, and many others involve a driver who was under the influence at the time of the accident. Though the city of Los Angeles continues to vow to take measures to rectify the situation, pedestrian injuries remain a difficult problem to solve.

What Makes Los Angeles More Dangerous?

As a large, walkable urban area, Los Angeles is more dangerous for pedestrians thanks to several factors. For one, the increasing usage of smartphones while walking or driving is distracting drivers and pedestrians alike, making accidents more common. Traffic congestion and busy roads also aggravate the situation. Many drivers become so frustrated by traffic jams that they are overly zealous in their driving and often fail to see a pedestrian approaching. Additionally, some intersections lack crosswalks, making it much more difficult for pedestrians to cross the street safely.

While the GHSA has made many recommendations to minimize the incidence of pedestrian accidents, including installing additional street lights or more sidewalks, the city is not making enough progress in curbing pedestrian accidents altogether. 

How A Los Angeles Pedestrian Accident Attorney Can Help

Assessing fault in these accidents can be tricky, with most car insurance companies looking to blame the pedestrian for the accident. The reality is pedestrians are rarely at fault for the careless and reckless actions of L.A. drivers, and your Los Angeles pedestrian accident attorney will refuse to settle for anything less than what you deserve in a personal injury lawsuit. Contact our offices today.