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Hotel Injury Lawyer for Accident and Illness Claims 

When we’re traveling, hotels often serve as our home away from home. Whether staying in a hotel on business or vacation, weary travelers want a clean, safe hotel room where they can relax, sleep, or simply enjoy their time away from home and work. However, hotels have a legal obligation to ensure that your room and the entire facility are safe for your enjoyment. If you have suffered an injury while staying at a hotel, a hotel injury lawyer can determine whether you may have a personal injury or premises liability claim. 

Woman rubs ankle injury in hotel room

Common Types of Hotel Accidents That Lead to Injuries

Hotels typically offer a wide variety of amenities to their guests. Unfortunately, this means that there are multiple opportunities for accidents to occur that can result in serious injuries. Here are some of the common types of hotel accidents that result in serious injury: 

  • Slip and fall accidents. These are perhaps the most common type of accidents. Torn carpeting, broken flooring, wet floors, poor lighting, or slick parking lots and walkways can result in slip and fall accidents. Slip and fall accidents routinely result in broken bones, concussions, and torn ligaments and tendons. 
  • Inadequate security. Hotels have an obligation to ensure that their guests are safe from criminal activity. Poorly lit parking garages or parking lots can create dangerous situations for guests. Broken locks, insecure windows, and poor security in general can lead to assaults and thefts. Hotels that are in high-crime areas or are aware of persistent security issues have an arguably higher obligation to take steps to prevent incidents. 
  • Swimming pools. While hotels may not have to have lifeguards on duty, they do have an obligation to post warnings and rules to ensure the safety of their guests. Pools and spa areas should be properly maintained by the hotel staff to ensure that they are safe for use. In addition, pool rules should be enforced to prevent drowning, especially those rules regarding the use of the pool by children. 
  • Fitness equipment and facilities. Many hotels provide fitness rooms for use by their guests. Broken or poorly maintained equipment can lead to serious injuries. 
  • Broken furniture. Hotel furniture gets a lot of use and abuse. The hotel has an obligation to replace worn or broken furniture before it collapses and causes injury. 

If you’ve been injured in an accident at a hotel, a hotel injury lawyer can help you determine whether the hotel should be held accountable for your injuries. 

How a Hotel Injury Lawyer Can Help

Hotel accident claims are complicated and difficult for non-lawyers to pursue. Here is how a hotel injury lawyer can help you get fair compensation for your claim:

  • We gather the evidence you need to support your claim such as witness statements, incident reports, and documentation of your injuries and other losses. 
  • We handle all correspondence with the hotel, their insurance company, and any other interested parties. 
  • A hotel accident lawyer negotiates your claim to make sure that all of your losses are covered. 

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