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Fractures and Broken Bones from an Accident? Our Bone Injury Lawyers Can Help

Broken and fractured bones are very common in personal injury accidents. In a serious accident, a victim may, along with other injuries, suffer multiple fractures or breaks. Insurance companies will do all they can to undermine your claim, so you need personal injury attorney Ryan Banafshe on your side to make sure you are not wrongfully denied just compensation.

X-ray of a fractured wrist injury

Understanding the Causes and Effects of Broken Bones from Traumatic Accidents

Fractures and breaks are essentially the same thing. The severity of a fracture can range from a hairline crack to a complete break. A bone that separates and breaks through the skin is a compound fracture. Various distinctions exist among these breaks, as well, including linear, transverse, oblique, and spiral fractures. These distinctions involve the angle of the break. A comminuted fracture is one in which the bone has broken into pieces. Impact fractures occur when parts of bones are jammed together. All types of fractures can result from traumatic accidents including:

A bone fracture can be very painful. The area adjacent to the break will usually swell and be tender, and these effects can last for a very long time. Without prompt treatment, broken bones can often lead to permanent loss of range of motion, chronic pain, and other disabling effects. As a result, following a serious accident resulting in a broken bone, it is important to have a doctor take X-rays right away to determine if you have a break. By ignoring symptoms, you will only make matters worse. The bone may re-fuse improperly, or not at all, and failing to seek treatment will also give the insurance companies an excuse to deny your claim for coverage.

What To Do After Suffering a Broken Bone in a Vehicle Collision, Fall or Other Accident

All medical treatment for your fractures should be documented and given to your personal injury lawyer. Your lawyer will also need a copy of your medical history in order to prove that your injury does not predate your accident. When you meet with your attorney, you will also want to be prepared to discuss matters such as:

  • In what type of accident were you injured?
  • How did the accident happen?
  • Where did the accident occur?
  • What were you doing at the time of the accident?
  • Do you have photos, videos, insurance information, witness names or other documentation you can provide?
  • What was your diagnosis? What is your treatment plan?
  • How has your injury impacted your life?

What if I Had a Pre-Existing Condition that Weakened My Bones?

If you have previously had broken bones in the area of your current injuries, it is important that your attorney knows this. Also, bones can become weakened when a person has a medical condition such as osteoporosis or certain cancers. If you have previously suffered from a disease that compromised bone strength in your body, you need to let your attorney know. This will not impact legal rights (California follows the “eggshell plaintiff” doctrine, which allows accident victims to recover regardless of their medical condition prior to the accident), but it is still something that the insurance companies may try to use against you. An experienced personal injury lawyer like Ryan Banafshe can make sure this does not happen.

Contrary to popular belief, having a pre-existing condition which diminishes bone strength will not cause you to lose your case—at least not in California. The severity of the impact and negligence of the driver are what determine your legal rights and the amount you are entitled to recover. You don’t have to be in perfect health prior to the accident to win damages. But, to make sure the insurance companies do not try to use your pre-existing condition (if any) against you, it is important that you hire an experienced attorney to pursue your claim on your behalf.

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