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Steps to Take Immediately After a Car Accident

Getting into a car accident in Los Angeles can leave you feeling pretty shaken up. In addition to the stress or emotional toll the accident may have taken on you, you are likely facing mounting costs related to medical expenses or lost wages. Fortunately, seeking the advice of an experienced Los Angeles car accident lawyer can relieve the burden of facing this ordeal on your own. In fact, after a car accident, one of the first things you should do is get an attorney who can make sure you are properly compensated for your injuries and that your medical bills and lost earnings are covered by the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

In California, there are a number of steps after a car accident you can take to ensure your resulting personal injury case is well-positioned to recover the full extent of the damages available to you. Below, we review the most crucial steps to take after you’ve been involved in an accident.

Remain at the Scene and Record What You See

After a car accident, your instinct may be to rush off and get to your destination. However, making sure your injuries are properly treated and that you record key information and details surrounding the accident is critical. First, be sure to call medical personnel to treat any injuries you may have suffered, and be advised that some injuries – like muscular ones – often appear later on down the line. Even if you aren’t sure of the injuries you have, be sure to document what you’re feeling in the moment. Do you have a sore neck or a headache? Are there bruises or lesions anywhere on your body? Be sure to write down what you’re experiencing and take any photos of any visible signs of injury. 

Then, contact law enforcement so they can conduct their own investigation of what happened and file a police report. Be sure to obtain the other driver’s information, such as their drivers’ license number, insurance information, and contact information. Finally, take photos of the damage you’ve sustained – both to your person and your property – and see if you can find any witnesses who can tell you a bit more about what happened when the accident occurred. Make sure you take down their information, as well.

Remain Quiet

After a car accident, the most important thing you can be is to be a quiet observer of what’s going on around you. Let the police officer do their job and refrain from spending too much time chatting with the other driver. Answer questions in a straightforward, direct, and to-the-point manner. Do be sure to be explicit if the other driver was acting particularly recklessly. Now is not the time to question whether you were in any way to blame for the accident – simply state what happened to cause the accident and avoid acknowledging any fault. 

Speak With a Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer

You may think you can handle the aftermath of an accident on your own. The reality is, dealing with insurance companies – who have tons of experience denying claims to injured parties – is difficult to do. Hiring an experienced Los Angeles car accident lawyer ensures you’re seeking damages with someone who knows how to manage these types of claims. Contact our offices today to get started.