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The popularity of ride-sharing has extended to greener modes of transportation. While Uber and Lyft forever altered the way commuters use cars, new transportation sharing programs incorporate scooters and bicycles to help commuters get around town. Lime (formerly known as Lime Scooter and Bike) is a popular electric scooter and bike-sharing app-based rental program, but using a Lime can significantly enhance the probability of an accident or injury. Riders, motorists, and pedestrians risk injury by the negligent use of a Lime Scooters and Bicycles. If you’ve been involved in a Lime Scooter or bicycle accident, it’s important to speak with a Lime Scooter and Bike accident attorney who understands the complexities involved in recovering compensation for your injury.

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Potential Injuries Occurring After a Lime Scooter and Bike Accident

An injured party may not experience the immediate effects of an accident. Oftentimes, symptoms of injury appear well after an accident. If you’ve been involved in a Lime Scooter and Bike accident, you should contact an attorney if you have suffered any injury including fractures or broken bones, head injury, concussion, lacerations, bruising, muscle pain, spine injury, or dental injuries.

Lime Scooter and Bike Users are Often Held Liable for Violating Local Ordinances in California

Lime Scooter and Bike users download an app to their smartphone to locate available bike rentals in their immediate area. The drop-anywhere allure of Lime Scooter and Bike, however, violates many local ordinances across the country, including California. The laws for riding an electric bike vary wildly between jurisdictions, with restrictions ranging from the prohibition of riding at night to operating the vehicle without a helmet. 

Unfortunately, many Lime Scooter and Bike users are not well-versed in their local bike ordinances, which increases the risk of accident or injury. In addition, these laws often create strict liability issues for Lime Scooter and Bike users, who are often held negligent by a court of law when these ordinances are violated. The users are often deemed liable for compensation and other costs incurred by anyone they have injured while operating these modes of transportation.

Liability, however, doesn’t always fall squarely on the Lime Scooter and Bike user. Negligent motorists who fail to yield to Lime Scooter and Bike riders, or pedestrians who don’t follow the appropriate traffic laws, can both be held liable when a Lime Scooter and Bike accident occurs. It’s important to work with a Lime Scooter and Bike accident attorney who can help you investigate the facts of an accident and assess liability in an incident.

If you decide to try a Lime Scooter and Bike yourself, always remember to ride safely and check the local ordinances to ensure you will not be held liable should an incident occur. Because the laws are constantly being updated in response to community incidents involving Lime Scooter and Bikes and their competitors, it’s important to regularly check the official local ordinances to ensure that the law hasn’t changed.

Assessing Fault Should Be Left to a Lime Scooter and Bike Accident Attorney

Understanding who is responsible for a Lime Scooter and Bike accident is crucial to pursue and obtain adequate compensation for any injuries that may occur. Courts often use established negligence laws to determine fault. If one party was not following traffic laws or local ordinances - as is often the case when a rider decides to use the service - than that party will often be assigned a substantial level of fault.

However, accidents are rarely the fault of one party alone. Multiple proximate causes are often at play - a Lime Scooter and Bike user, for example, may have violated local ordinances in using the service, but the motorist that collided with them may have been negligent, as well.

As an accident victim, you play an important role in determining the facts of an accident and preparing a claim for compensation. Obtain medical care for your injuries, call law enforcement to help you document the scene of the accident, and gather photos, videos, and any eyewitnesses who can contribute their testimony to the police report. Be sure to contact an experienced attorney who can guide you through the next steps of the process.

Seeking Compensation for a Lime Scooter and Bike Accident

Lime Scooter and Bike accident victims are often entitled to seek compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, permanent disability, wrongful death, diminished quality of life, and property damages. It is extremely important to retain an attorney to represent you if you have been injured in a Lime Scooter or Bike Accident. Oftentimes, the opposing parties will deflect blame or employ the technicalities of key local ordinances in order to offset the total amount of compensation owed to an injured party. An experienced and proven accident attorney will help you present your claims and offer a better chance of obtaining the maximum compensation as required by law. 

Work With a Lime Scooter and Bike Accident Attorney to Seek Compensation for Your Injuries

An experienced attorney can assist you in building a case, helping you navigate the complex and often cutthroat approach taken by opposing counsel. Focusing on the operative facts of the case, proving your injuries with evidence of medical bills or expert testimony, and understanding local ordinance laws is crucial to obtain adequate compensation for your injuries. 

If you’ve been injured in a Lime Scooter and Bike accident, call us to set up a FREE initial consultation to discuss your case. Our accident lawyers are ready to help you get the compensation you need and deserve.

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