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Scooters and mopeds are a popular form of transportation for both work and leisure in California, as evidenced by both the numerous scooter dealers in the area and the Beverly Hills Scooter Club. Unfortunately, the number of scooter and moped injury cases facing bicycle accident lawyers proves that the use of these small two-wheel vehicles can cause a significant number of injuries.

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Scooter and Moped Accidents Follow Many of the Same Dangers as California Bicycle Accidents

Even with protective gear, scooter, moped and Segway riders are in grave danger of being hit by a car. A distracted or drunk driver may not see the rider and the injuries the rider will sustain are typically serious and life-threatening. Bicyclists and other riders can't afford to ride dangerously. Not only do they face the increased threat of bodily harm, but if they are reckless on a moped, scooter, etc., than the rider may not be able to recover damages. California follows comparative fault laws, which means the more at fault a plaintiff (the rider or bicyclist) is, the less likely they can recover compensation.

Of course, scooter riders and others face unique dangers. A road defect, such as a pothole, may not be marked and the rider or bicyclist may get serious injuries from the unseen danger. Hit and run accidents are also more likely to be a threat to riders and pedestrians. If you suffer harm from these kinds of injuries, it's better to speak with a scooter and moped accident attorney before simply accepting an insurance settlement. 

How Safe Are Scooters, Mopeds and Segways?

You may find it ironic that Jimi Heselden, the owner of the company that created the Segway, died while operating his own Segway. Mr. Heselden somehow lost control of his Segway and plunged off an 80-foot cliff near his home and into a river. Scooters and mopeds may appear to be a great, easy way to travel. People may even feel better about operating a vehicle that is relatively “green”; however, more scooter and moped riders are ending up in emergency rooms.

Your personal injury lawyer is aware that the most common scooter and moped injuries are fractures, broken bones, back and spine injuries, and brain trauma. Some of those injuries can heal with time, while others can have permanent, life-changing affects. Like bicyclists, moped and scooter riders should always wear helmets when operating their vehicles. Unfortunately, even when these riders use their safety equipment and drive defensively, they are still among the most vulnerable drivers on the road.

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