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Amusement Park Accident Lawyer for Families

Every year, thousands of people are injured while attending amusement parks. These injuries can range from neck and whiplash injuries to broken bones, and often result in injured children. Unfortunately, the companies that own these amusement parks are skilled at denying claims, making it nearly impossible for non-lawyers to get the compensation they need to make a full recovery. If you or your child has been injured while at an amusement park, an amusement park accident lawyer can help you build your case and pursue your claim. 

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Who Is Liable for Your Injuries at a California Theme Park?

Amusement park accidents can be complicated because it isn’t always clear who may be at fault. Depending on the nature and circumstances surrounding your accident, one or more of the following parties may be at fault: 

  • The owner of the amusement park
  • The managing agent or other vendor hired by the amusement park 
  • The manufacturer of the carnival ride
  • The mechanic who maintains or repairs the carnival ride
  • The carnival ride operator

When it comes to amusement park accidents, you are most likely pursuing your claim against a corporate entity. These entities are designed to shield their stakeholders from liability. Depending on who may be at-fault in causing the accident, the entity may be an independent contractor, an employee of the park, or an employee of a related corporate entity. An amusement park accident lawyer can help you untangle who should be held accountable so that you are pursuing your claim against the right party. 

Common Causes of Amusement Park Accidents

There are many different causes of amusement park accidents and it can sometimes be difficult to identify the specific cause of a particular accident. However, an experienced amusement park accident lawyer will likely be able to identify one of the following causes: 

  • Defective design or manufacturing of the ride or related equipment
  • Inadequate inspection or maintenance of the ride
  • Negligent operation of the ride
  • Failure to advise people of specific risks, especially for those with health problems
  • Failure to provide people with adequate safety instructions and warnings
  • Failure to keep bystanders safe from rides that are in operation

Any one of these factors can cause an accident that results in severe injury and even death. 

How an Amusement Park Accident Lawyer Can Help

Lawyers do more than file personal injury lawsuits and appear in court. If you are injured in an amusement park accident, your lawyer can help in the following ways: 

  • Conduct an investigation of the accident
  • Collect the evidence you will need to prove your case
  • Interview potential witnesses
  • Obtain copies of any incident reports or other documents
  • Manage your claim with the insurance company
  • Collect and organize the documentation regarding your medical expenses, lost wages, and other losses. 
  • Negotiate your settlement

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