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Most people will go their entire lives without being involved in an airplane accident, but crashes can and do happen. The risk is particularly acute for passengers on smaller, private planes for which severe weather and pilot mistakes can be a recipe for disaster. At Banafshe Law Firm, we represent people injured in airplane crashes and the families of people taken too soon as the result of a fatal accident. We are seasoned personal injury lawyers with decades of combined experience helping people get the full compensation available under the law.

Our aviation accident lawyers understand the pain and stress that comes with a plane crash, whether you have been injured in the accident or are a family member of an injured person. That is why we fight aggressively to build the strongest possible cases for the people that we represent and to ensure that those responsible for a crash are made fully accountable.

Plane on runway after crash landing

Getting Answers After a California Plane Crash

In the aftermath of a plane crash, it can be difficult to get clear answers about what went wrong. 

Our firm helps clients get to the bottom of an accident to determine who is legally responsible for the crash. That often includes airlines, plane manufacturers, products makers, maintenance crews, airport operators and a wide range of other parties.

These companies generally owe airline passengers a duty of care, whether that is to ensure that the plane is operated in a reasonably safe manner, that the aircraft is in safe working order or that air traffic is properly managed. The Federal Aviation Administration also imposes specific requirements on air carriers and others involved in the aviation industry. 

When a person or entity does not live up to a duty of care and/or violates FAA rules, it is likely to be deemed legally liable for any accidents that happen as a result. Major airline carriers, plane manufacturers and other companies are generally liable for the actions of employees operating in the scope of their employment.

Single-Engine Plane Accidents

Small, single-engine planes make for a unique way to fly the friendly skies, but they also pose serious safety risks.

The crash rate is higher for single-engine planes because their size makes it more difficult to navigate severe and changing weather. In addition, pilots for these planes often do not have the same level of experience and training as those operating commercial airliners.

At Banafshe Law, we understand the risk that comes with getting on a single-engine aircraft and we know how to determine what went wrong when these planes crash. 

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