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Recover Compensation from a California Bird Scooter Accident

Bird electric scooters capitalize on the popularity of the shared transportation economy and offer a unique, environmentally friendly solution for getting around. These innovative electric scooters are a quick, efficient mode of transportation for scores of city dwellers living in dense urban environments. As completely dockless vehicles, users locate and unlock Bird scooters through a mobile app, making their use extremely efficient for commuters using public transportation. 

However, these electric scooters can also cause serious accidents to riders and pedestrians alike, and it’s often difficult to determine who is responsible for the ensuing damage when an incident does occur. If you’ve been involved in a Bird scooter accident, working with a proven accident lawyer ensures you fully understand your rights and obligations when a Bird scooter is involved. 

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Bird Scooters: Riders Must Be Responsible to Avoid Auto Accidents and Other Collisions

Bird electric scooters can injure riders, motorists and pedestrians when used incorrectly, and the probability of an accident increases when more Bird scooters are on the road. Unfortunately, Bird scooters are often used negligently: Users sometimes ignore the scooter’s safety guidelines, riding tandem, foregoing helmets and other safety gear, or allowing young children to use them without supervision. Additionally, Bird scooters are often carelessly left at building entrances and exits or blocking disability access ramps.

When a rider incorrectly uses a Bird scooter, the risk of auto accident increases tremendously. Bird scooter riders can encounter any one of the following issues:

  • Lack of protection: Unlike a motor vehicle, which protect drivers with doors, airbags, and seat belts, Bird scooter riders leave their bodies exposed to greater risk. Bird scooter riders often neglect to wear helmets or other safety gear, which increases the probability of injury if an accident does occur. 
  • Negligence: Risky behavior, such as weaving in and out of traffic or sidewalk crowds, using a Bird scooter while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or failing to wear a helmet or other protective gear, can significantly increase the chances of an accident. 
  • Malfunction: Bird scooter maintenance is not conducted frequently or thoroughly enough, resulting in malfunctioning parts and dangerous circumstances.
  • Road Hazards: Road hazards such as potholes, fallen branches or other debris can cause serious injury to Bird scooter riders. If you sustain injuries from a Bird scooter accident, contact our accident attorney.
  • Reactionary Measures: An incident may occur in which a Bird scooter rider determines they have to brake hard in order to avoid an accident. However, a hard brake can cause the scooter’s front wheel to lock, throwing the rider off the vehicle and increasing their risk of injury. 
  • Instability: Because the Bird scooter design features just two wheels, it can be difficult for inexperienced riders to navigate these vehicles and address challenges as they arise. Bird scooters can lock up, become wobbly, or swerve when improperly used. 
  • Inexperience: Many Bird scooter riders have little experience navigating this unique type of vehicle. Because it is not required to obtain a license or specialized training before using a Bird scooter, there is a serious lack of experience among Bird scooter users. 

A Bird Scooter is a Safety Threat to Drivers and Pedestrians

Bird scooter riders aren’t the only ones susceptible to accidents caused by these vehicles. Motorists and pedestrians can also be injured by the negligent use of Bird scooters. Some potential incidents include:

  • Swerving: Drivers trying to avoid a careless Bird scooter rider often swerve to avoid impacting the scooter rider, but this action can often cause a subsequent accident.
  • Impact: Cars have hit scooters when they are backing up, opening a car door, turning and more.
  • Fall: Pedestrians have tripped on electric scooters lying outside building entrances or exits, sidewalks and more. 
  • Crowds: Because Bird scooters are used in dense urban environments, crowds pose a substantial obstacle to their safe use. Pedestrians can easily be struck by a Bird scooter rider weaving in and out of heavily trafficked areas. 

Who’s Responsible (and Who Should Pay) for a California Bird Scooter Accident? 

After a Bird scooter accident, assessing the damage and determining the costs involved can be a lengthy, complex process. You’ll want to ensure you receive adequate compensation for your physical, emotional, and financial losses. Working with an accident attorney can ensure you’re compensated fairly and quickly.

In order to process your compensation claim, you must first determine who is at fault for the accident. The Bird scooter rider, a motorist, a pedestrian, the city, or a business can all be held liable if the facts of the incident reveal one or several parties acted negligently. It’s possible that a variety of insurance providers will be involved to settle compensation claims. Working with an experienced personal injury attorney ensures a thorough investigation will be conducted and that an injured party will be properly compensated for their losses.

Work With a Bird Scooter Accident Attorney to Ensure Recovery

Our accident attorneys will help you determine liability, calculate damages related to medical bills or lost wages, and expedite fair compensation. Whether you’re a rider, car owner, or pedestrian involved in a Bird scooter accident, contact us today at 888-LAW-9991 to schedule a free consultation so we can properly assess your case.