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The advent of technology and e-commerce has catapulted the online retail industry. However, with so many more delivery drivers on the road in California, the likelihood of truck accidents has also increased. Amazon, UPS, FedEx and other retailers can have thousands of drivers on the road each day, delivering millions of items to shoppers located all over the country. These drivers are held to strict deadlines and delivery times, increasing the probability of reckless driving that can lead to an accident. Furthermore, many delivery drivers are flex workers and are not adequately trained as professional drivers.That said, it is imperative to speak with skilled truck accident attorneys as soon as possible after your accident in order to maximize your compensation.   

An accident can easily occur if drivers are not properly vetted and trained or if they fail to take appropriate caution and care when operating a delivery vehicle. Pedestrians, other motorists and household pets each run the risk of injury at the hands of a negligent delivery driver. Additionally, costly medical expenses, lost wages and physical and psychological suffering can significantly impact the injured victim’s financial well-being.

two trucks collide in a head on collision accident

What Causes Delivery Driver Accidents?

Accidents typically occur when a delivery driver has failed to exercise appropriate caution when carrying out their duties. Because delivery drivers are held to strict deadlines and delivery times, and are not usually trained as professional delivery drivers, the risk of an accident is substantially greater. Aggressive driving, such as speeding, improper and reckless passing and careless highway driving frequently cause accidents. In addition, drivers who are distracted - focused on finding an address, checking their delivery routes or even talking and texting on their cell phones - increase their risk of causing an accident. Drowsy or drunk driving are additional factors that might lead to an accident.

Delivery drivers should be held accountable when they are found to have acted recklessly or negligently behind the wheel. Though these drivers are acting on behalf of some of the world’s largest corporations, the claims process isn’t that different from that of a regular vehicular accident lawsuit. The truck accident lawyers at Banafshe Law can help you get the process started. 

Who is Liable for a Delivery Driver Accident?

In the event of an accident, obtaining financial compensation isn’t always a clear-cut process. Because drivers are independent contractors who essentially act as agents of a corporation, liability can be difficult to pin down and prove. Working with proven truck accident lawyers will ensure your claims are properly filed and investigated and that recovery is sought for any medical expenses incurred. An experienced attorney will help you adequately recover for your losses.

Determining liability in a delivery driver accident can become very complex. Because delivery drivers are often classified as “independent contractors,” their employer is often shielded from assuming any liability in the event of an accident. However, courts across the country are considering whether an independent contractor classification is appropriate for delivery drivers. Many drivers are pushing to be recognized as “employees” rather than as “contractors” in order to obtain essential workplace benefits and additionally protect themselves from costly accident liability lawsuits. 

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If you’ve been injured by an accident involving a delivery driver, it’s crucial to speak with experienced truck accident attorneys immediately. Your attorney will help you investigate and file any claims arising from medical expenses, lost wages or pain and suffering caused by a negligent driver. Contact us today for a free consultation.