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Let a Drugged Driving Accident Lawyer Help You Seek Compensation

Drivers operating under the influence of drugs cause serious accidents and injuries on American roadways each year. Drug impairment while driving, especially when used in combination with alcohol, can cause significant driver impairment. Additionally, some prescription and over the counter medications can also cause driver impairment especially where those drugs cause a driver to be drowsy. If you or a loved were injured in a car accident by a driver who was under the influence of drugs (illegal or prescription) a drugged driving accident lawyer at Banafshe Law Firm, PC can explain your legal rights and advocate on your behalf to obtain the compensation you deserve for the injuries you sustained from an accident caused by a drug impaired driver. 

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Driver Impairment Caused by Prescription and OTC Drugs

Some legally prescribed drugs can impair drivers just as much as illicit drugs. Some examples of legally obtained drugs that can significantly impair driving include: antidepressants, antihistamines, hydrocodone, and sleeping pills, among others. Where a substance, such as a legally prescribed or over the counter drug, causes a driver to lose normal functioning of his or her mental and physical faculties, the driver is impaired. Impaired drivers may be held civilly, and in some situations, criminally responsible for operating a motor vehicle even if impaired by a prescribed or over the counter drug, especially when an accident occurs and people are injured as a result. 

Drugged Driving & DUI Drug Accident Statistics

Unfortunately, sometimes drugged driving leads to fatalities. Below are some statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) regarding fatal accidents involving drugged drivers in a report by NHTSA from 2005-2009:

  • 63 percent of the 21,798 drivers who were killed in motor vehicle crashes in 2009 were tested for drugs; of these drivers, 3,952 tested positive for drugs (representing 18 percent for that year)
  • Drug use by states among fatally injured drivers increased from 13 percent in 2005 to 18 percent in 2008
  • For fatally injured drivers, in 2009, 12,055 drivers were tested for drugs, and 3,952 (or 33%) tested positive for drugs

Faculties Impaired by DUI Drug Accidents on California Roadways

Driving under the influence of drugs, even prescription drugs, can seriously impair a driver’s faculties that are needed to operate a vehicle safely. Some common faculties that may become impaired when a driver ingests drugs include, but are not limited to:

  • Ability to make judgements
  • Perception
  • Motor skills
  • Reaction time
  • Coordination skills

Drivers who have impaired faculties, such as those listed above, can cause severe accidents and injuries to others on the roadway. A DUI drugs accident lawyer at Banafshe Law Firm, PC can help you or a loved one injured by an impaired driver. 

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