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A Rear-End Collision Attorney Can Make the Difference After a Crash 

Rear-end accidents occur when one motor vehicle strikes another vehicle from behind. According to the Washington Post, there are approximately 1.7 million rear-end collisions on United States roadways per year. These collisions result in 1,700 fatalities and 500,000 injuries. At Banafshe Law Firm, PC, our rear-end collision lawyers have the knowledge and experience to provide our clients with top-tier representation that results in them receiving the compensation they deserve after being involved in an auto accident.

Two vehicles are invovled in rear end collision

Statistics & Facts Applicable to Rear-End Collisions

Fault in California Rear-End Car Accidents 

People often assume that fault in a rear-end collision lies with the car that crashes into the car in front of it. While this is true in many cases, there are exceptions. Examples of when the vehicle in front may be at fault include:

  • The lead car backs into the car behind them
  • The leading vehicle’s brake lights do not work
  • The lead vehicle suddenly pulled out in front of the following vehicle 
  • The vehicles are involved in a multi-vehicle accident
  • The leading car stops abruptly in an attempt to be hit
  • The driver of the leading vehicle is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

 Rear-End Collisions Laws in California

Two statutes are applicable in California rear-end collisions. They are:

  • California Vehicle Code §22350 is known as the “basic speed law,” and it states, in pertinent part, that a person shall not drive “at a speed greater than is reasonable or prudent having due regard for weather, visibility, the traffic on, and the surface and width of, the highway…”
  • California Vehicle Code §21703 is known as the “following too closely” rule. It states, in pertinent part, that “a motor vehicle shall not follow another motor vehicle more closely than is reasonable and prudent…”

Injuries Common in Rear-End Accidents 

While numerous injuries can happen in a rear-end collision, some injuries are seen more often than others, including:

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