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Have You Been Harmed by an Accident Involving a Lyft? If So, You Need a Highly-Skilled and Dependable Los Angeles Lyft Accident Lawyer 

Lyft drivers represent a publicly-traded corporation but use their own vehicles to carry out its services. When an accident occurs, it’s extremely important to understand your rights and responsibilities to any passengers involved. If you’ve been involved in a Lyft accident in Los Angeles or elsewhere, recovering for your losses can become a complex process. Whether you’re the passenger, Lyft driver or pedestrian injured in the accident, it’s important to work with a Los Angeles Lyft accident lawyer that uniquely understands the specific issues that may arise. 

What Do Lyft Drivers Need to Know Before Getting Behind the Wheel?

While it’s certainly possible to make extra cash while driving for Lyft, there are a variety of risks involved with the gig. While most Lyft drivers report positive experiences, many complex legal issues can arise when an accident occurs. It’s important to understand your role and responsibility in the accident, and take all the appropriate steps to minimize your risk of liability. 

Lyft Passengers in California Have Rights Too

Similarly, if you are a passenger using Lyft when a collision occurs, it’s important to understand who is responsible for the accident and take appropriate measures to ensure your compensation if you’ve been injured. Accidents are stressful, traumatizing events, and it’s crucial to seek out medical help for your physical and emotional injuries. If an accident occurs, be sure to reach out to medical and legal professionals who can get you the help you need. 

Whether you’re a Lyft driver or a passenger, a Los Angeles Lyft accident lawyer can help you understand your rights. Some important considerations you might encounter after a Lyft accident include:

Understanding Fault in California Lyft Accidents

After a Lyft accident, law enforcement will investigate the accident and assign fault based on their investigation. The fault lies clearly with one party, or is shared among several parties. If you’re a Lyft driver that’s been involved in an accident, take swift action to document what happened. Contact law enforcement and file a police report immediately on the scene, and take pictures of your vehicle’s damage.

If you’re a passenger involved in a Lyft accident, make sure you treat your injuries immediately and do not hesitate to reach out to an attorney who can guide you through the recovery process for any costs incurred. 

Contacting the Insurance Companies

It’s important to understand that many insurance companies require timely notice of an accident in order to pay out any claims. It is important that you speak with a qualified accident attorney prior to speaking with any insurance company, especially the adverse insurance company. Once you retain an attorney the insurance company is not permitted to contact you and all communications will go through your attorney.

An experienced Lyft accident lawyer will present your case to the adverse insurance company in a manner to maximize your recovery. You will be required to make a statement to your own insurance company. An experienced accident attorney will guide you as to how you should present your claim and speak to the adjuster to ensure you will not be held responsible or make an incorrect statement.

Getting Compensation for Your Losses

After an accident, you may experience physical and emotional pain and incur costly expenses to repair your injuries and your vehicle. Lyft drivers may be entitled to receive compensation for vehicle repair expenses and injuries, and additionally recover lost wages since the vehicle is a primary or secondary source of income. Injured Lyft passengers, in turn, may seek compensation for their injuries, resulting in lost wages or emotional trauma. Whether you’re a Lyft driver or passenger, contact an attorney immediately if you’ve been involved in an accident. Your attorney can guide you through the process of recovering for your losses, and ensure you receive adequate compensation after the ordeal.

Speak With a Los Angeles Lyft Accident Lawyer Right Away

Our law firm routinely handles lawsuits for Lyft drivers and passengers after an accident. We work hand-in-hand with you to file the appropriate paperwork, deal with law enforcement and insurance companies, and navigate your rights under the law. Contact our experienced Lyft accident attorneys immediately after a wreck to ensure you have guidance, assistance, and advice throughout the recovery process.

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