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Our Law Firm Handles School Zone Accidents

School zones should be a place where drivers and pedestrians are extra cautious and accidents never occur. After all, they exist to protect our children. Unfortunately, this is not the case and accidents in California school zones involving motor vehicles, school buses, children and other pedestrians occur far too often. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident, contact one of our school zone accident attorneys right away to discuss your options.

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How School Zone Accidents Differ From Other Accidents

One of the main ways school zone accidents differ from other types of accidents is because they often involve children. According to the Transportation Research Board, while walking to and from school each year, approximately 25,000 children are injured and 100 children are killed. Also, pedestrian accidents in school zones differ from the majority of other pedestrian accidents as they happen during daylight hours.

Causes of These Often Devastating Accidents

Speeding: School zones are typically 25 mph or lower, especially during the times immediately preceding the beginning of the school day and immediately after the school day ends. This enables a driver to have plenty of time to stop should a dangerous situation occur. By exceeding the posted speed limit, a driver will not be able to stop as quickly in an emergency. This leads to an increase in accidents, as well as an increase in the severity of the accidents that occur.

Distracted Driving: While distracted driving is a problem in all motor vehicle accidents, it can be a particularly serious error in school zones. This is because a distracted driver may miss a crossing guard signaling for them to stop, a bus with its stop sign extended, or they may not see a child that is crossing in an area that is not a designated crossing spot.  

Frequent Stops: School zones are an area where frequent stops in unusual places may occur. It is not uncommon for a school crossing guard to make traffic stop multiple times to allow children to cross the road. Even if you are obeying the rules and following the directions of the crossing guards, such stops can increase your chances of being rear-ended.

Distracted Walking: Younger children tend to be easily distracted and do not understand the importance of adhering to rules such as listening to the crossing guard, obeying traffic lights, and only crossing in designated crossing spots. Older children tend to be more distracted by their technological devices such as cell phones and iPods. 

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