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Injury Attorney in Beverly Hills Discusses Limousine Accidents

Limousines can be a great convenience for people throughout the Beverly Hills area. These vehicles can provide luxurious rides to and from major airports, day spas, dinner reservations, and Rodeo Drive for shopping excursions. But what if something goes horribly wrong? What if you are hurt in a limousine accident? What if one of your company’s limousine drivers causes the accident? An experienced injury attorney in Beverly Hills will explain some ways in which limousine accidents occur.

Who Is at Fault?

Sometimes, it is not easy to figure out who is at fault in a limousine accident. If there are multiple drivers involved in the collision, each driver could legally be at fault. Additionally, the following list shows ways in which your limousine driver could be liable for causing your limousine accident:

· Hitting a parked car: Your driver is at fault for colliding with a parked car.

· Single vehicle collisions: Your driver will almost always be at fault for causing single vehicle collisions, such as backing your limousine into a pole.

· Backing up: Your driver will be at fault if he or she is involved in a collision while backing up. Motor vehicles backing up, including limousines, have to give the right of way to oncoming traffic; they may proceed to back up only if the road is clear or if a driver allows them to back up.

· Rear ending: Your limo driver should follow the “two second rule,” which means to always stay two seconds behind a vehicle. If your driver does not do that and the car in front of you stops suddenly, your driver is at fault for the accident.

· Failure to proceed with due caution from a traffic control signal, including lane control signs and road work signs: Lane control signs tell drivers to stay in their lanes until they have passed a particular distance point. Your driver will be at fault if he or she switches lanes in a lane control zone or a road work zone and causes an accident.

· Failure to signal: Your driver will be at fault if he or she fails to signal while switching lanes or turning and your limousine collides with another motor vehicle.

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